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  1. In Soviet Russia, Police gambles with your life at stake !
  2. EST is GMT - 5, provided we are in GMT + 1, that gives us the ability to start playing at 3AM !Dunno how long it will take, but we can at least consider it will be 2hour+, so for us Europeans, we might win the tournament before going to work !(and if we don't, well, losing a game isn't that hard, if we need to be in time for a job...)w00t !
  3. Oh really ? My bad then... Yeah, that I was. Part of the Bahamas thingy... Those are USA/Canada only... But I guess, like you pointed out, that's PokerStars specific, nothing I can rant about in here.Thanks for the info !Cheers
  4. Hi there !I'm thinking this question must have been asked a few times, but it's 3AM, and I'm just too tired to hit the search button; so I'll just go ahead and ask, point me to a link and mod me down if I should've searched...This is a question that's been sitting in the back of my head for quite some time now. Let me put it in perspective first...I've been playing Hold'em for quite some time now (considering I'm only 21), both limit and no-limit games, varying between real life poker rooms, internet websites, and home games, and a couple of months ago, a friend of mine threw out a line that h
  5. Good [morning][day][afternoon][evening][night] everyone !I wondered, why is it Daniel's protégé selection tournaments only open to USA/Canada residents ?I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to ask myself this, but I mean, what's so different ?I can understand that there are already too many people trying out in the tournaments, and adding that many players would only create more problems, every time I see one of the free rolls going about, I'm like "Dayum, why didn't I get a shot at that ?". Not that I'd think I'd win, nor would I even come close, but just sometimes, these very few times, I'd
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