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  1. Change the end.Instead of being on the horse, be dressed as a horse. 'I'm your horse.'Aside from that, perfect.
  2. I like how I'm a rollercoaster of poor tilt control and barely squeaking a profit.Wait...I don't like that...I don't like that at all!
  3. Don't go forgetting who demanded you win a tournament a week ago, Sparco. >.>...<.<CONGRATS!
  4. Seems I'm pretty good at demanding the best out of people. >.>
  5. Got it, pics incoming obv. (Or I'll do it next week sometime)
  6. I feel kinda stupid for asking, but how exactly do I opt-in? >.>
  7. Wee bit late, but need to make myself responsible. Poker Goals:- Stop Tilting. (If things aren't going well, don't jump limits like a drunken idiot and blow everything.)- Utilize proper BR Management- Stop Depositing- Stop playing Cash Games until I learn to play without money worry.- Play Live.- Win something. WIN SOMETHING!- Profit 1k (lol no.)Non-Poker Goals:- Get a solid job- Move out. Freedom = necessity. - Get a use out of my degree. (Please let this happen.)
  8. SavicMaster sign.I'm sure I'll forget about this, bust, or place last by pure suck.
  9. Called it. Anyways, Silent Rail TID
  10. A big win in second is sometimes the biggest disappointment. And yeah, BR = Bankroll. I'm working on it, but I get money hungry because all I know are ballas who make me feel inadequate.
  11. Silent rail awaiting FT call.
  12. I was. But even then, placing second in the sat was my biggest win. In 3 years. >.> I'm taking another week off, then seeing if I can't learn proper BR Management and Emotion Control without panic attacks. I'm a crazy person, but when I'm sane I'm p. good.Stealth Complaint obv.
  13. I ran into a similar situation yesterday. Except I was the Chip Leader HU. And I lost. Oh, how I want to win something, but I am oh so bad with my emotions.Anyways, Welcome!
  14. Why yoooou....Win a tournament this instant!
  15. Windsor is unfortunately that far. I've never actually played at Fallsview, because I've never had money when I went to Niagra >.> Not exactly sounding appealing now, though.
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