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  1. lmao..why is everyone so offended by a joke..it was funny, relax.
  2. I played a small home game tournament (about 8 people) the other day and this hand has been bothering me a bit.. Im just curious as to how you all think you could extract the most amount of chips from my opponent.Points to consider:- This is the very first hand of an 8-man SNG.- The villain does not get out of line when i make early position raises (especially early in the tournament)...that means smooth calling with small pairs and AQ AK.I'm first or second to act and there is no one else involved in the hand other than the blinds. The blinds are at 25/50 with starting chips of 4000. I rais
  3. another 25 point lead blown..what else is new?..
  4. and the raptors blow another game... Played good all the way up to the fourth quarter where they went like 4 for 20..ridiculous.
  5. Im glad to say that im from Argentina when i see this guy play! MANUUUUUU !!
  6. I'm so pumped about this season for the raptors! Especially as i see the leafs playing worse each and every game..lol. Really excited to see how Kapono fits in with the team during the regular season! Im looking into buying some tickets for a game later this season..anyone have suggestions on where i should sit if i don't wanna be paying more than 150?
  7. Assuming that he isnt playing on tilt i highly doubt QJs would be played like that by anyone who knows how to play this game.
  8. From the looks of it hes either flopped a full house with a pair of tens or at least a set of sixes. Unless he wants to play a pair of tens super aggressively, which seems a little TOO crazy. I would be very surprised if your Kings were good after the second all-in reraise on the turn!
  9. There are two conclusions i have come to:1. This is fake.2. You are absolutely sick.
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