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    playing music,poker,golf,surfing (waves not the internet),hockey(go Habs),lacrosse,mountain biking,cooking, and art<br />meeting knee surgeons<br />poker is the only interest that hasnt sent me to a hospital
  1. In high school, I played with a future Selke and multiple Cup winner in Kris Draper. We were extremely fortunate back then to have our team play a 30 min scrimmage game with the 1986 Montreal CanadiensAs we got to the ice we could hear a ping by the net closest to us, yet no one in that zone.. we looked to the FAR blue line and saw Chris Chelios shooting a bucket of pucks into the net by us. I wondered often if Kris and Chris ever joked about that moment.I managed a shot on Patrick Roy.. I think he put a crossword or a sandwich down to put his glove on and make the glove save.I was lucky to at
  2. LMAOnice to see the critics emerge and sound like self made "experts"Beaverstyle.. you're talking to me here and you don't even have the cojones to put up something of your own? Need to post someone else's beat? Do you need sympathy that bad ya need to steal it from others? Talk about hiding in a glass house, guy....Fargo.. ok, you're from North Dakota.. so I'll type slow for you... my post was written in english.. maybe you lost a bit in the translation from english to inbred. Grammatically, it was perfect english.. i know.. you didn't get past grade three so the language is beyond you.. mus
  3. perdoo

    Beer Summit?

    interestingly... the cop only chose to arrest mr gates AFTER he had adequately proven his identity. This seemed that :1.. the cop created a situation where none existed prior (break in report rendered moot when gates proved he was who was legally: the resident / owner of the address...) 2.. Gates had every right to be indignant... his only issue was a bad choice of words in voicing his displeasure3.. even though a black man is president.. the US still has a loooong way to come in Race Relations (me, i think Obama has a decent enough vision regardless of his skin colour)but i think, in the end
  4. perdoo

    Beer Summit?

    what?!?! NO BEER NUTS?
  5. I'm pretty sure this qualifies.. *********** # 1 **************PokerStars Game #31092211275: Tournament #183621355, $0.10+$0.00 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (500/1000) - 2009/07/31 15:17:33 ETTable '183621355 5' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: GIANNIS2401 (5385 in chips) Seat 2: feri1961 (7345 in chips) Seat 3: Perdoo (15875 in chips) Seat 4: HisPokerness (20664 in chips) Seat 6: bluffking166 (29870 in chips) Seat 7: xquisg (17326 in chips) Seat 8: ASHOT81 (16477 in chips) Seat 9: elieen1 (10222 in chips) GIANNIS2401: posts the ante 100feri1961: posts the ante 100Perdoo: posts the ante
  6. Man.... ELO rocked in their day, eh
  7. perdoo

    Hey Idiots.

    not having a degree in Theology.. all I can offer to the dialogue as a whole is this...JESUS SAVESOvechkin scores on the rebound though
  8. hmmm.... let's see* played in a scrimmage game with one of the greatest NHL teams ever, the 1986 Canadiens* played Blackjack with a Bee Gee (Barry)* been to a Rolling Stones Post Show party* had a Spider from Mars (Mick ronson) as a roommate, as well as a Hoople (Ian Hunter)* Rocked 5,000 music fans in one gathering* smoked a joint on the 50 yd line of the old Mile High Stadium* been in a movie with Wynona Ryder and Susan Sarandon* seen a whale up close and personal (in a natural setting)* closed a strip club with Tommy Leeother than that, i'm kinda boring
  9. if it happens .. i am proud to announce here that i will open some form of "speakeasy" gaming room were we can also buy cigarrettes tax free and smoke wherever we wanti figure to incorporate myself and hit the government up for some sweet corporate welfare and one of those really sweet interest free unsecured loans that they tend to normally give the developers and matthew barret when he ran BMOan if all else fails.. the crystal meth francise is showing potential... if i continue with that, i might even be able to take on the big girls in the weight loss market too
  10. sorry here, i have more questions than answers....i heard about a half hr ago on some sports radio channel (who shall remain nameless cos im not paid to promote them) had a blurb on about how the Federal Government is moving to fall in line with our southern neighbours and legislate the demise of the native online gaming sites here in Canadaso im seeking out information, facts or otherwise, from fellow players.... thoughts, opinions, etc etcfore knowledge is fore armaments i supposeperhaps a moderator or even Daniel himself can address this i myself am not worried about it per se, im close en
  11. i kinda see OP's point, if PS regularly uses a courier, they shouldnt be sending the cheque by snail mail but life being life..... and if he didnt really need the money asap... he should suck it up like a good buttercupmoaning here wont get him paid faster
  12. i was saddened and dismayed to hear this.... having spent some time as a child in a muslim country (and being very caucasian non muslim.... in Saudi Arabia).... this is not the vision of the islam i came to knowand while it is so easy to sit here and rip the father for being a "radical fundamentalist bastard"... we should, for a brief second, put ourself in their (the family's) shoes.... obviously not losing sight of the fact that this ******* is now going to spend eternity in Dante's last concentric ring of hell... he killed his kid.... and thats wrong on every levelbut ok... here it is laid
  13. damn.. that was going to be my next guess after the one before the one that was prior to this oneguess i aint guessing
  14. lmao ..... if michael moore is a documentary filmmaker... i'm leading my beer league hockey team to Lord Stanley so we can hoist it in victoryi used to think his first movies were ok.... but not until "columbine" did i really notice what a self serving bastard he isi was sitting at a friend's house in downtown TO watching columbine... and damned if the very building i'm sitting in (with central air and a $1500/mo market value rent) appears on the screen... and theres butterball, telling us that this is considered a "ghetto" area.... guess he didnt have directions to Jane n Finch or Flemingd
  15. i hope i never face hellmuth at a table... i'd be prone to physically harming himchan rules..... now im confused.. is it him or johnny nguyen that sucks down the budweiser like its going out of style?and has that "beer" been analyzed by a lab ?im curious to konw if DN thinks Ivey's quickly darting eyes indicate a tell of panic? i notice that when he's behind on a hand.. his eyes tend to move really quick.. like watching a super speeded "pong" game in his head lol
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