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  1. Canucks lose miserably 4-2 after a good start to the game. Bieksa looked horribbleee
  2. No one goes on them at night durr like I said.
  3. I had my playboy magazine but they said I had to throw it away. WTF???
  4. I play usually 9-12 a day. I play 3-4 at a time and around 1hr or less per (3-4) tables since I play at the same time, Usually log in 3-4 hours. I get up at 10am, play 11-2pm and got the rest of the day for other stuff.Hopefully get a big session in soon.
  5. No lies, the SNG buzz ended for $350 and its just $11 SNG's now on Partypoker.Also $1650 for first place in a 10-man table. 47k is very easily believable and its true.
  6. Leroy Jenkins is my pornstar name on facebook now back on topic..
  7. No, I think it was the Talent part. They said playing WorldofWarcraft for 48 hours wasn't a talent, just an obession.
  8. Sabourin was my teams back-up last season and lets say when Luongo had to take a crap he saved us for a minute.
  9. DAMNT HES FROM DENMARK SON OF A! I was told Zurich
  10. Im not Miss USA. Well that's where I think you're getting that from.
  11. Sorry for the double post but I got this from Wikipedia:Gustav Hansen (born February 13, 1974 outside Copenhagen, Denmark) is a professional poker player who lives in Monaco.Saw him on the WPT saying he lived in Las Vegas though :S
  12. He's from Denmark but he has it under Switzerland :S
  13. Lucic from the Vancouver Giants(Season ticket holder) made the Boston Bruins!
  14. Up around $47,000 from $350 SnG's from PartyPoker.
  15. I was playing some casual $350 SNG's when I saw a username by the name of "Dr_Gammon". Many people of speculated that he is the real Gus Hansen and when I look on his poker ranking's he seems to have some 1st place finishes and also plays at Full Tilt Poker where he is sponsored. When you put your mouse over his name it says Switzerland which I believe he was born from and his name, "Dr_Gammon" probably comes from his skill at gammon.Now, are you allowed to put where you're born not where you currently live because I thought Gus Hansen lives in Las Vegas and last time I checked Las Vegas is in
  16. If it was a perfect world what we won is what we keep.
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