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  1. Well I live in Vancouver, CA atm. Couldnt be so bad to fly down there.
  2. I didnt read that part. Just read online poker= illegal.
  3. Yeah, Florida isnt going anywhere now.
  4. Well Im not sure of prices there and I'd obviously move to a cleaner/safer place. How come LA has better games? Is it just full of rich snobby players who don't know how to play or are there more places to play there instead of Vegas?
  5. 3/4 of Zach's bets are obvious winners on the left side.
  6. Thank you for the answers. Has house prices gone up there? What other things to do there other than poker?
  7. Pavel Bure left because of the media. He had to live 45 mins away from Vancouver just like Alexander Mogilny because the media would follow him every second. If it wasn't for the management screwing him and the media he would of stayed longer. Also minus the knee injuries.
  8. Title pretty much says it all. If you're a good poker player and looking to play full-time is moving to Las Vegas a good choice? Would you be able to make enough to pay rent or own a house? What are the cons about Vegas? The porn fliers everywhere and smokers in every casino? Or is Vegas just a place to visit for a week to play poker and have fun rather to live there.Need some help on that topic, thanks.
  9. The Canucks are outshot 20-7 vs the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canucks took too many penalties in the first resulting in the Sedins and their top fowards not getting much ice-time. If it wasn't for Luongo this game would be 4-0. Our defence has to step it up and shutdown the Staal line. Ryan Kesler is looking pretty good after a good game vs Columbus with 2 goals.Canucks are just getting on a Powerplay and Bieksa is owning the shit out of the Carolina forward.
  10. Why would Paul Maurice put Raycroft in and not Vesa?
  11. Half the people who posted here are donks and act cool by calling other retards. I thought 2+2 was gay..
  12. So they'll never get any air time at all? You dont have to play at a feature table just to get noticed.Ahh ffs nevermind. My friend who isnt even semi-pro played at this 3.7m tournament in Canada and got on tv and all the other no-namers. So maybe 100 random pros 5 will be at a feature table, but there could be another 100 where 60 play at a feature table. More then 5% that's for sure.
  13. Im talking everyone who plays around the world.
  14. Well I think 95% is a large number and pretty random
  15. Maybe they aren't pro enough? Just SEMI-pro.
  16. I bet most people here would like to be a pro poker player and was just wondering what your positives/negatives are about it.Positives:TravelMoney(if you're good)Strippers in Vegas Make your own scheduleFree drinks at the table and being on television(television for some)Negatives:May spend too much time online practicing or playing 1000000 SNG's and not have time for the "real" worldYou can lose a lot of moneyIs being a poker player easy or is it what most people think? You just sit back on your leather chair, play some big tourneys and if you win a couple you're up 500k....<--thats what m
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