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  1. How did those Leafs do last night? LOOOSSEEE
  2. Lucky Salo didnt break an orbital bone.
  3. Absolutely disgusting game. Fans cheering on Nasvhille. Luongo given the bronx cheer. 1-6 at home. ****
  4. Make $10,000+ somehow, someway.
  5. Wow, the Leafs must of had some defensive breakdown.
  6. Because they have no raw skill. Europeans with no heart = NO!
  7. I always thought Vegas...More casinos me thought. Well better action that is.
  8. serge wtf are you smoking?? You're going to lose a lot of money on these maple leaf bets. No way they make top 16
  9. Paul Maurice has to make up his mind and stick with one goalie. Making them take turns is STUPID. If the leafs make the playoffs somehow, all hell has broke loose.
  10. I have a black box so no need ffor centre ice
  11. Hopefully they pick it up by December if not they're in trouble.
  12. Ca=Canada where I live. You could say Vancouver, BC also..
  13. Thanks. Well if you're like that Benyamine guy who plays $1000/$2000 omaha h/l or limit hold'em on full tilt then I guess 4k is nothing.
  14. That's what I asked. So? What would be your reply?
  15. So far fullcontactpoker forums have been great to ask questions and I just want to know what you consider a "good" income playing poker online/live. This could depend on your bills(rent, food, booze, girls) and where you live and how much you play.I was thinking if you're a semi-pro that 4k+ per month playing SNG's or MTT is good? But you could end up winning a 100k Tournament..What income would establish you too be a good poker player? Should you always set a goal to reach for at the end of the month, and if you don't reach it make your next month's goal a little higher?I always try to have m
  16. Discuss all CHL topics here(Hopefully there isnt another thread lurking around)As a Vancouver Giant Season ticket holder I must say the WHL > OHL. The giants dominated last year and hopefully go to the Memorial Cup for a 3rd straight time in their young hockey franchise. Too bad Lucic is staying with the Bruins.I'll post standing later. Plus scoring leaders in leagues, etc.
  17. Pens = Talented offense with a not so talented defence.
  18. I'd take the Washington Capitals over the canucks coming up.
  19. Thanks. Im trying to study for tests at the same time but this god damn site keeps distracting me. So im trying to read as fast as possible.
  20. Partypoker has had some big bad beat Jackpots. Around 750k range. Someone won it but not sure who and the hand.
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