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  1. Sorry bud not use to the layoffs.Plus you're not even a Canuck fan, so why do you care?
  2. K so...for example, WhataRunAA or whatever his name is wins 190k and cashes out. How much does he keep after the taxes, etc.Just wanting to know if you get screwed over and only keep half.
  3. A year ago I always wondered why Giguere drank threw a straw.But then I found out..
  4. They play Deadmonton tonight on TSN. Hopefully, another win! Lets see Hansen get a goal and Bourdon with the assist!
  5. My goal is to place in a FT at the PP 300k GTD. and win the PS Million tourneyYeee
  6. I play so I have an excuse to be lazy.
  7. God I hate the Blues. Keep on LOSING!
  8. Well being at the game last night I must say the crowd was into it and the team played a stellar game. So many chances but couldn't bury it.
  9. Gavin is a playa and thats a good look-alike
  10. Nice!Also Veener, no one is here to impress you
  11. He's pretty chill. Weird nose, bad haircut, gangsta hat. All good in the hood.
  12. I live 5 mins away and the games are super soft. Might see me there
  13. Yeah, my mom thinks poker is a bad idea and she said today that its my dads fault.
  14. Some great replies, but what my mom says is. POKER CAN GET YOU ADDICTIVE AND IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
  15. The really question I'm asking here is what do your family and friends think about you pursuing or trying to become a poker player as your main income source. What do they feel about you travelling to places in the world after you win a tournament to play for a week. Would your girlfriend/boyfriend mind at all if you're gone for awhile trying to win some money?For me I'm in a tough position. My mom is an anti-gambler but my dad says, "If it can make you money, DO IT!"My girlfriend doesn't mind poker but is more into hockey hockey hockey and if I have to go some place in a tournament on the wee
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