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  1. Manchester United squad is more stronger than last year...but Chelsea and Lpool are stronger also....Tottenham also has really impressing names but I guess that their defence is really crappy..My prediction:ManUtdChelseaLiverpoolTottenhamArsenalMan city/Portsmouth
  2. I have nothing against barry...I respect him as a player and person but he is just little bit boring to watch at final table IMO.
  3. I really want daniel,bloch,lindgren,huck,ivey,gabe,doyle to reach to the final table...that would be so awesome:
  4. Ladbrokes.com offers also some odds(For example "top British Isles player").The odds for Phil Ivey to reach final table are 1-26..
  5. Ladbrokes.com is offering odds"to reach the final table in the main event".Players like:Alex Kravchenko,Dustin Woolf,Greg Mueller,Humberto Brenes,Steve Billarikis are getting odds 250/1. Ivey is getting only 25/1, DN 60/1.Would anyone bet with 250/1 to those players?
  6. yea it froze..,Isn`t there radio coverage of the final table?....it would be so cool because the sound from sopcast is hacking.
  7. pokernews is doing better reporting than cardplayer imo.
  8. I`m like soooooo excited about it already:P
  9. Imo the BB does everything right, because its limit HU and he hits a second pair on flop so the raise is quite good and turn and river bets are obv.
  10. yeah Manchester United is in great shape at the moment...and I think that there aint no trouble with right backs because O`Shea, Hargreaves, Pique and Simpson all can play that spot and of course Neville is coming back soon so imo Ferguson should sell Brown at the moment so he could get 1-2 million£....but maybe Fergie still hopes that Brown accepts new contract offers....but yeah imo ManUtd dont need Brown..
  11. I`m out...47th place....thanks for the stake:)...it was fun:P
  12. coolerPokerStars Game #14874711781: Tournament #74369913, $2.00+$0.20 Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit - Level XI (600/1200) - 2008/01/27 - 21:16:11 (ET)Table '74369913 51' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: MattyDaCobra (28558 in chips) Seat 2: c.s.a. (15140 in chips) Seat 3: jayz4dayz (43017 in chips) Seat 4: bcg0905 (11600 in chips) Seat 5: tefft3131 (12161 in chips) Seat 6: generaatorM (16831 in chips) Seat 7: gospelman-1 (24193 in chips) Seat 8: Froggstar (10502 in chips) Seat 9: harryxxzz (21172 in chips) MattyDaCobra: posts small blind 600c.s.a.: posts big blind 1200*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to gene
  13. 3777 at break....have done some silly mistakes:S..but the blinds are still 50/100...
  14. thanks...I registered:)...hehe I`ll look out=)
  15. generaatorM (Tallinn)...would be fun:P
  16. I´m out...was fun:P... thanks for the stake:)
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