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  1. sorry it was only 3$ knollie bent me over lol, its cool tho hes my boy!
  2. sorry bout that lol, how did phoinex do?
  3. Im in for getting draftedGrosse Pointe (FCP) Fox31317
  4. well yes because it was banned here if im not mistaken.
  5. wow that sucks, so now germany will have to do wat the U.S. does for online gambling.
  6. im gona have to say about 6 months to get there for him he plays high enough cash games and gains so many points.
  7. you are no longer my bestman after a post like this u sick bastard lol jk but seriously WTF?
  8. sounds like your trip to vegas was a blast although 11 days is a very long time to go from what ive been told. I've never been but looking forward to going either in march or in the summer. good report tho.
  9. beaver telling it how it is lol. but the fact that people get distracted over lil things like im's is kind of funny i mean i understand when u got to much shit going on at once then u make decisions that are not well thought out...but 1 or 2 i.m.s shouldnt really do all that much damage.
  10. very well done sir even tho i was next to you for a lot of the tourney drinking beers lol jk, good game man.
  11. wat the hell are you talking about?
  12. i know but i was just sayin how it was an insta all in thats why the post was supposed to be funny i know i only used 1 card....
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