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    two things,onesorry to hear about that hope she is keeps getting bettertwoHowdy.
  2. 135* dollar NLH tournament 45 min blinds.Hand oneblind at 50/ 100 everyone at the table is around 12k in chips as there hasn't been a lot of big hands, played to this point.I'm in the big blind and look down at two pretty Laddies (QhQc). I have 6 limpers to me at this point, I decided that this simply won't do and I pop it up to 500, I get one caller from a guy who hasn't played a hand yet. Needless to say I'm going to play the hand pretty cautious from this point foward. I'm putting him on A-10 suited(prolly not) AJ suited (maybe) A-q (I have two highly doubt it.) AK (seems reasonable) AA-J
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