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  1. mmm? i was made years ago for diff purposes. im not leaving anything and i got zero to do with rdog or that posse. i just plain dont care for you.
  2. yo you know whats sad? im not even real, and ive contributed more meaningful content to this forum than you. and youve got a year on me. and by more i mean > 0 (thats the GED talkin).
  3. Take it from me.. Sometimes you just need to give up on a joke account when you are desperately behind.yo.
  4. 1. Homeboys from Outer Space2. Martin3. Pimp my Ride4. Miami Ink5. Laguna Beach6. Yo MTV Raps7. Jackass8. Cribs9. 106th & Park10. Malcom & Eddie.
  5. real hard. but he was laughing with me not at me yo.also i'm partyin up the wsop as soon as i fence enuff jack for a greyhound ticket, tell timmy i'll be ready for his holla when he gets down there.peace.
  6. doesn't post nearly enough to be ryland. and not nearly enough self-brags and name-droppings included in OP.
  7. DerekWyland

    The Hideout

    This is seriously hilarious/disturbing, yo.
  8. DerekWyland

    The Hideout

    droppin' lyrics ya'llsome doodles, yosome more doodles
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