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  1. Eight is good, actually, even your top five is good enough to satisfy this post.
  2. Who in your opinion are the top ten names in poker. I'm not looking for the top bracelet winners or the top money leaders or the most points for player of the year because i can find that information on the web. I'm looking for the top ten poker players that you'd like to learn all their secrets. If there was a national poll conducted by a professional research firm to find out who america would most like to take poker lessons from, who would america say are the top ten (in your guestimation). IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, SO PLEASE DON'T BOTHER RANKING THEM.
  3. I checked out www.pokerroyalty.com and it seems like a good resource. Thanks.
  4. Do You know how I can contact any of the top 30 poker players. Any one of them will be fine. Top thirty by any definition is fine also. Daniel is obviously one of the pros that I'd like to contact. The purpose is for business. I know it's a long shot to try to reach them this way. But I gotta start somewhere. Trust me when I tell you that which ever pro is lucky enough to partner with me will be extremely glad that he did.Thanks,Eddie
  5. I have always played tournaments only but I am now getting into cash games. In your opinion, what is the best book for no limit Hold'em cash games. Not for a begginner but for intermediate to advanced. I've read Dan Harrington books for tournaments but I notice that the cash game is diferent. Thanks for sharing your opinions.
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