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  1. valtempest

    Dear Nikki

    Thank you for your reply. You are right, I did have a bit of revenge in mind, so I decided to spend New Years with my grandma back home. And I'm glad I did! Its been while since I've been home. I feel more centered than I have in months! Thanks again, kisses!
  2. valtempest

    Dear Nikki

    I laughed at Guano, didn't you? Now thats humor!
  3. valtempest

    Dear Nikki

    Are you Nikki? Yeeeaaahh. Didn't think so. Try again Guano!
  4. valtempest

    Dear Nikki

    Dear Nikki,My boyfriend of 18 months finally decided he was full-on gay and broke up with me before the holiday break so now I'm single again. My good friend who is currently dating one of me ex's friends wants me to spend New Years with them at their parents cabin in Lawrenceburg, IN. Its possible we could end up in a threesome. So my question is: Is this a bad idea? I mean my girlfriends beau is my ex's good friend! I don't want revenge or anything, er maybe a little. Could this be trouble for me and my girlfriend? Not sure what to do, it seems I always make bad relationship decision
  5. Hmmm... Okay, back to strat for more and then work. C'ya guys, and thanks!
  6. Okay. Your trying to maximize the amount of money your straight or flush brings you when it hits. But it seems you lose more by being this aggressive.
  7. Okay, I think I got it. Your tying to make you hand as cheaply as possible, right?
  8. These two comments together seem to contradict each other. Cum-Face, please explain.
  9. Thanks. Now how about a topless shot!
  10. So is betting your flush draw results-based, like the following:
  11. Attempting to read this thread from page 1. Do I really have to? Plus reading strategy. Someone posted a hand about calling 10x(?) bet before the flop with pocket 5's and then rivered the third 5. Seemed like a crazy call but it worked out.Oh, and since we now have nicknames, I shall call you Cum-face. Cool, I like.
  12. I almost left until I saw your post. Hello RenaeDawn! How in the hell do you put up with these guys? Yes, my bf is hot, too hot, gay hot, is that right, I think? If you know what I mean.
  13. Whiskey16, I do apologize for my comment earlier. Your probably a great guy with a great girlfriend and I don't really know you. I JUST WANT TO LEARN POKER. Enough socializing, I'm going ot peruse strategy and the religion forum. Wanna be Christians can be fun to toy with when your a Wiccan.
  14. Fine! Let me type a little slower for you. No kids yet. Boyfriend might like boys, kinda like Whiskey16 might. So there you go.
  15. Valerie "Tempi" Tempest25FemaleStudent/BartenderNew York City but originally from New OrleansNot yetNot married/ not sure
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