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  1. It's $0.10/$0.25 blinds, NLH (online). You have a comfortable stack for this situation, say $40, and your opponent is sitting on $18. You're in late middle position with 7 9 , three players limp in, as do you and the SB, the BB checks. Flop comes 874 rainbow. Everyone checks to the player on your right who bets the pot, $1.50. Seems like an uncomfortable bet, possibly a steal so you call and everyone else folds. Turn is a 3 and your opponent bets the absolute minimum, $0.25. What's your move?A lot of people like to raise in this situation, and so do I depending on my hand. For me to raise I have to be pretty uncertain about my own hand and my opponent, I like to put in the raise to get a reaction (no, not a physical one). The way I see it, the min bet there is always one of two things: I have nothing, but I still want to give you a chance to fold. Or I have the stone cold nuts. So in my humble opinion this makes raising wrong. If your hand is good, why chase him away? He could always bet again on the river. And if you're dead, well we all know why raising is wrong there.You call, and the river brings a 9 for a board of 874:3:9 no flush possible, giving you two pair. Your opponent leads again for $1.50, and you call. He shows A5 offsuite, and your two pair take down a nice little pot. (You like my Dan Harrington impression?).What do you all do when you're heads up and your opponent bets the min on the turn? Do you always raise to try and push him out? Do you call to see a cheap card? Discuss.
  2. By "comp'd" I simply mean compensated in any way. I was watching a couple epidsodes of High Stakes Poker on Game Show Network (GSN) and I'm excited to get to see some live cash game action on TV. This is an amazing way for players to get more insight into the game on a completely new level compared to what we're used to seeing on TV. The players involved are putting up their own money to give HSOC (I believe the owners/producers of the show) and GSN some ratings, and I"m just wondering if the players get anything in return? It seems like monetary exchange would belittle the fact that the players are using their own money, so is there any other deal going on? Basically, all I'm asking is if you guys get anything other than a good game of poker out of it in the end?
  3. Why in the world would you want to get him off AQ in that spot?! Think of it this way too, if you did put it in on the flop he seems like he'd still be willing to call it off, and you end up with the same result. I think you played it great. And yes, that is a bad beat. Although not as bad as flopping quad aces and loosing to runner-runner straight-flush (thankfuly I was just a spectator for that one).
  4. Mr Wang,you are missing the point.He gets sucked out on much more often than the odds would dictate. Your simple math does not hold true for him. His luck defies law.Well, now, technically that's a possibility. I'm not saying it's happening or anything. But it is pssible to be on the short-end of the curve so to speak. Pretty much what AlanBostick said. Good post, Alan.
  5. But apparently not a very witty or insightful one if you have to explain it. JSYes, because I have the ability to broadcast that on PPV. I'll just hook my computer up to my home-sattelite system... well, you see where this is going. Man, I really thought there were some smart cookies on this site.
  6. For those of you who are ultra sensative and can't think beyond the chat-box... this was a joke. Relax, people, seriously. It was just a commentary on how far this nonsense has gone.
  7. I'm taking orders, $55 for the first two hours of play, $10 for every additional 2 hours. If the match doesn't last two hours, you get back $20. Anyone interested?
  8. Low limit NL at casinos is calling central. You'll get all sorts of loose hands in any given pot, even with a decent sized raise ("I figured he had high cards so my low cards were live", that type of garbage). Like everyone else has been saying, you could have raised more pre-flop ($15's good) and not worried too much about it. you'd probably would have still gotten a call or two. Flop bet was pretty bad, as everyone's been saying.My experience playing low limit NL is you have got to protect your big hands pre-flop because you WILL get called most of the time. And if you don't, well at least you won't loose to 7-4 off suit. GL![/i]
  9. I agree with both posts. I'm much more concerned about a set than a straight, although the latter is indeed possible. You did get two callers with a pot-sized bet on the flop, that right there tells me to slow down on the turn, maybe half-pot to see what's what. maybe even check-call/fold the river depending on the action.
  10. My AK v. chaos' A7 of hearts for a flush.
  11. Two more... common people, you know you want it.
  12. Private $10+1 NLHE SNG on FCP called jay-dub0's tournament.password is: fcpersslow structure, so we can play a bit, normal payout. Come join the fun!
  13. I like the bet on 4th as you most likely have the best hand. By 6th it seems unlikely Seat 5 has a Jack (certainly not impossible) and is probably on a heart draw. The 5th street bet is somewhat questionable as you haven't improved and there are stragglers in, but you did get Seat 8 out which is always a positive result. I think with no one showing any strength so far, it's a 50/50 bet/check. A free card would be good for you, but you could obviously be giving one to two worse hands. 6th street is fine as you're either behind by now, or not much of a favorite.
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