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  1. I am glad someone has brought this topic up, because at the moment its become a big problem in my life. Living with my parents, i am seen as degenerate, who needs to get a joba nd stop playing poker. I am a gambler they would say.It gets quite depressing when they say this, yet they have no idea how much time and effort, skill and luck goes into the game, and its truly a game of skill and not a form of gambling that simply involves pressing a button and hoping you get free spins on a pokie machine, THATS GAMBLING!Any way the point of this is to ask people how can i deal with this situation and let them know that this is what i love doing, i wouldnt change it for the world and make them understand my passion.Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Hi all,I have been playing poker for a few years now, and im 18 years old. Having just recently been allowed to enter the casino i have done fairly well with limit poker, as i was a bit scarred to play NL with all those big stacks. Recently i decided to try NL and failed misserabley. Any tips on making this switch?Also i have just started online at poker stars and its terrible. I cant win anything. What are some key strategies with building a bank roll online and so forth.Thanks for your helpglyn

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