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  1. I'm not tying to flame anyone, and I'm not completely sure, but I think the word ditto might have been spelled improperly
  2. Look at the final 10 last year:HarringtonAriehRaymerD. Williams (little known at the time, but still a pro)LuskeI know I'm probably forgetting someone, but 5 out of 10.......pretty strange coincidence hmmmmmm
  3. How is that not an accomplishment? By the math of 200 out of 5,661 there is one pro for every 28 entrants. The fact that there are 5 pros in the final 27 is quite impressive.Yes 5: Raymer, Matusow, Ivey, Ly, and Phan. (Phan is a high limit pro from LA)Most excellently stated!!
  4. If you're referring to Raymer, he has won only one other WSOP tourney, but he has won smaller tourneys, and he hasn't played in many WSOP events. The guy is a seriously skillled (note the three l's to drive home the point) player.
  5. I am saying 4 out of 6, beacause I was dumb enough to not add Minh Ly to my short list.
  6. I don't see how this says anything about the amount of luck involved.Because, if it were not about skill, then with nearly 6,000 entrants would 4 of the top 6 be pretty big name pros?? No, if skill weren't that important then 1 of the top 30 would be a big name.
  7. In the top 5 remaining are: Mike Matuszow Phil Ivey Greg Raymerthere is no way it is 90% or more luck when the potential final table is this stacked!
  8. I'm not undecided about who I want to win.........I want an amateur (me)!!I think we will see a smaller name pro take it all though. It will be fun to see
  9. You guys are missing the point here..... ITS A PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!! :shock:
  10. AZZY, In all those hands you have a straight. Not 7 or 8 high
  11. As far as WMD's go, you must meet certain safety precautions and safeguards. Needless to say Saddam Hussein didn't meet these, nor does Kim Jong Il (North Korea)
  12. The UN was bought!This is not conspiracy theory, the prominent people on the security council of the UN had been paid off mightily through the oil for food scandal.
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