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  1. just tell me the password so i can make sure no one else figures it out
  2. If i didnt have to study for finals i would be in. Maybe next one
  3. And yet you threw in you're own topic unrelated comment
  4. 2/9 48KNatedawg2T#78749729Come rail weeeeeeeeeee
  5. I guess you can ship me the $8.80 you owe me now
  6. What does Gibler have to say about this one?
  7. From a business standpoint, to keep a player paying the rake, I would compensate. From a personal standpoint I wouldn't give him sh*t. But I'm not a billionaire like the people of Pokerstars. The whole point was that OP had to wait an extra 1-2 weeks...not that long, I say get over it
  8. Both shouldn't get anything imo. Humans make mistakes, get over it. If the player is going to demand compensation, fine, give it to him if it means the player keeps paying the rake.
  9. I thought my tipping reference summed it up nicely. If the cashier had lost the $1000 I could understand a larger compensation, but that you have to wait an extra 1-2weeks, I think it's just greedy. What was OP expecting? A 50%, comp.? Although I do think the $25 should of been the first compensation, I understand from a business standpoint why they would start out small. It's not a slap in the face, pstars is a business.
  10. yes, the amount of money the person is cashing out should make the mistake worth more. Falsesomeone has been a loyal customer, such as the OP. True, but wasn't the subject
  11. Why should the amount of money the person is cashing out make the mistake worth more? If you win a $10 pot and tip the dealer $1 are you gunna tip the dealer $100,000 for winning a $1mill pot?
  12. Well you see, they openly admitted the mistake and openly gave him 300 FPP's. OP you are a whiney spoiled brat, gibler you're dumb
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