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  1. I recently was able to deposit using an ALL ACCESS visa gift on FTP. Has anyone tried to use it on Poker Stars? They were supposed to be banned from gaming sites.
  2. did they air the 50k HORSE event on ESPN yet? or are they planning to?
  3. the reloadable all access cards still work right?
  4. loli really deposited by gatorpay. i was just wondering if their atm card works with other sites.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried GATORPAY. I made an account at GATORPAY.COM, which works great on Full Tilt. Has anyone ordered their ATM card though? Does it work for depositing on other sites, such as Poker Stars?
  6. why are limit games better as opposed to no limit?
  7. okay thanks. i guess i will minbuy into a few games and hope they play some big pots.
  8. Is it faster to get Full Tilt Points by playing SNG's or Ring Games? I don't get how the points work for ring games. Everyone at the table gets the same points based on how much the pot is raked? I know you get 7 pts per dollar for SNGs.
  9. If my credit card isn't accepted by Poker Stars, how do you recommend depositing, preferably without having to pay any additional fees.
  10. Hi, I'm new around here and kind of new to poker. I was wondering if you can deposit by a prepaid card on BodogLife.com and which cards work. Thanks in advance.
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