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  1. I recently got my last month a watched it a few weeks later. Thought it was exceptional. I loved how DN didnt just tailor the DVD towards a certain group of players, i.e. beginners, advanced, etc. He gave a little of each so no matter what level player you are, you can find something new to learn. I feel this DVD is excellent for beginner players and have highly recommended it to friends who are new to the game.
  2. Sorry this is a late response but I tivo'd the series and just got around to watching it last night...I too was frustrated by the hands Light was folding. I was thinking, you're in a great situation, playiing with some of the best players in the world....why not take this opportunity and learn? And the way you learn is by playing hands and getting in the action. I found myself yelling at the tv on more than one ocassion lol. I can bet that he was prob. nervous as hell but those nerves might have subsided if he played more hands. And I didnt like the way he was talking near the end....foun
  3. Just a quick question all though it wont change my response...did other players at the table say they saw the hand?I think you had a right to see the hand and the dealer should have made some attempt to show them to you. The dealer acted way outta line by not even attempting to correct the situation. It sounds like you had a lot of jerks at your table, which prob. didnt help matters.
  4. I'll complain for ya!! The Yanks need to get rid of him...he is a moral buster for the team. He is way over paid and the organization needs to stop catering to him. The fans are going to crush him out if he returns. He'll go back to the Yankees because they are the only team that can pay what he demands...and other teams are smart enough not to take him. I wish the organization would spend as much money on their bullpen and not on one thirdbaseman. I hate to say it but I think its going to be a while before the Yanks return to their former glory. Maybe I'll root for the Dodgers this yea
  5. Yeah, I don't think a Beagle is a good choice for an appartment dog. I have a Beagle myself but I also have a fenced in back yard that she loves...she spends literally hours out in the yard running, digging, hunting, etc. A Bulldog seems like a good choice for you, if you decide to get a dog or maybe even a Pug. If you're going to be traveling a lot, it would probably be in your best interest to find hotels that accomodate pets...dogs can get stressed out when their masters leave them for periods of time. And they get stressed if you have different people watching them at different times.
  6. Haha! Sweet!!! The kid said he was too drunk to drive...figures, look at the role model he has. I've arrested kids for driving without a license but they were never drunk atleast!Ladi
  7. For me it's usually beer, all though I'm trying to stay away from it while I'm on my exercise regiment. Sam Adams and Yuenling are my favorites. Light beer I'll drink Heinikin Lite or Miller Lite. As for liquor...used to drink a lot of Captain and Cokes years ago when I lived in Key West so I'm burnt out on those. Now I like Volka but I can't drink too much of it cause it makes me crazy Volka and redbull or volka and cran....usually Kettle One. I need a new liquor to drink....any one have any suggestions????Ladi
  8. Yeah it is....those guys are in a world of shit. I know some of the Detectives that are working that case...more arrests to come. The State Trooper who helped run the other sports betting ring recently got sentenced to 4 years in prison...and he had no previous criminal record. He did have two million dollar houses that the state seized....along with a plasma tv's in every room, including the bathrooms lol. I don't understand why NJ won't legalize sport betting and just tax the shit outta it...instead they just raise our property taxes Ladi
  9. I also liked reading your post...but have one issue to question...how does managing your money have to do with overall poker skills? Stuey was an incredible player, dispite his personal demons. All though I can see how drugs could effect your play, just like I've learned not to drink alcohol when I play, I don't think it took away from his overall poker skills. I've never met the man but am sure when he was sober, he was on his game and had he'd stayed sober and lived, he would be among the top poker players. We can agrue that his drug lifestyle contributed to his erratic, out of control l
  10. OMG I'm addicted to this show! I Tivo it every time its on. I love most cop shows in general...can't get enough even though I'm a detective. I love the episodes with Miami and Memphis PD...great and smart detectives and great interviewer/interogators.Ladi
  11. Daniels blog on this subject was very informative. I found out that a co-worker of mine has a son that has autism recently. I attended a fund raiser for his son and got talking to him about his son and everything he and his family goes through. Glad to see people are stepping up and bringing more attention to this subject.Ladi
  12. Wow...if your theory of double taxation is true, then people who own businesses shouldn't pay taxes either. If I go to a store with my money, that I got from my job that was already taxed and spend it in a store, which I do every day, then the business owner is not obligated to pay taxes because the money I gave him was already taxed??? Well, either I should quit my job and own my own business(porn preferably ), or our governement shoulda gone go broke a long time ago.And one more question: who are these people that you play against cause I wanna play where you play if you're winning 99.9
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