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  1. One last, want to end on 313...I am Farrell.
  2. Thank you all, mean so much to me, hell it is.
  3. no reason to post if not bored, only goal was to get banned, Ghostface is ass clown.
  4. Quitting my job today, never coming back, suckas, I love you. p.s. please ban me.
  5. Removed from where? What was his name?You win. Forever.
  6. I'd like to ban drugs, then society would be perfect--and butterflies would never die.
  7. Why? You shouldn't try to impress people, it's a sign of insecurity.I think it's a good idea, although I think anyone in Vegas that's an FCP member should just be able to go hang out at DN's house. BYOB of course.You shouldn't hide behind a thin veneer of even keeled, condescending, psychologizing in order to mask the fact that you're simply a timid/passive-agressive dullard bore who has nothing to say beyond the trite supposed truisms of a senile first grade teacher.edit: BYOB of course
  8. I think we should host a tournament, where the winner gets to come to your house and pee all over your stuff.
  9. Now you can ban me.... HOORAY!!!!!!
  10. Its like suicide, sometimes yes sometimes no... now where are my pain pills?
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