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  1. $500+$30 Hold'em No LimitThe hand that did it is below. I thought this was news worthy.. At least someone might learn something from this. (Or maybe im just making another stupid post.. ) Oh well .. This happend 1 min ago on poker stars. "PokerStars Game #12098208743: Tournament #70000005, $500+$30 Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (300/600) - 2007/09/16 - 19:20:39 (ET)Table '70000005 645' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: spencerman3 (14125 in chips) Seat 2: skruntty123 (23815 in chips) Seat 3: ginsenq (17350 in chips) Seat 4: michblue (31248 in chips) Seat 5: substance (20785 in chips) Seat 6: f
  2. ahh ok thanks for clearing that up tend to get a little uppity after 18+ hours of playing .Cheers
  3. hope your post makes you feel bigger as a person,.. New people are not received well around here it seems.. even when they are making jokes. Oh well cheers guess ill just go my own way. Really nice attitude mate.you do realize that there is such a thing as a private mailbox for these kinds of comments? Oh wait your a mod you know everything and are never wrong.. ok..
  4. LMAO i did make the final table. (Was switched right after i called all in) Was first person of the 9 left out. The reward? Was a seat at the Next tourney (Round 2) for a Seat at the poker after dark tv show game. and a chance to win 100k Only 1 seat was the reward so is a total waste of time (Other then for fun and experiance) to play the tourney. Its ok i made round 2 today Thankfully they have multi satellites for it. :)So all is good.. And you could say i tilted a little.. (Got fed up with that guys play style) etc.. Hopefully i learned my lesson. (Cheaply)BTW.. Thank you everyone who has
  5. i agree but his statement that i was "Drawing dead" is false. Also.. I may have been 60/40 preflop.. But flop came i had 2 pair against Nothing.IE CRUSHED lol.. Like it really matters anyways sense like you said. Money was all in anyways. I was ahead until the river .. At which point you could say i was dead.. So again.. i restate.. His statement has me confused Would like to know what his reasoning was for saying that. Or is it just a general statement based upon the outcome? That would make sense.And there is no drama here.. Just us Queens..
  6. Wish i had a decent story for you guys .. Ive won 6-7 free rolls (2k-4k people) and placed 10th 6th 1st 1st 8th respectivly. Then what i do wrong is i go and play the micro limit tables untill i get about 20$ Then jump up a higher level and bust out.. This has been my habit.. Wich i plan on changing lolThat is .. Soon as i can place in the money again and start over.. Bahh.I am nether up nor down atm.. Never have deposited and financially i am unable.Life/ bills etcIll make it.. Sooner or later.. just need to keep trying.
  7. how so? I do not understand your comment. I had 2 pair. He Had Nothing on the flop but a backdoor flush draw. A 8 is better then K 3 in any book i have ever read.. i had him crushed preflop and on the flop. He got lucky with the runner runner flush. with another A or 8 on the turn or river i would have made a boat.. Remember.. He had absolutely nothing on the flop against my 2 pair of AA and 88's (Other then three clubs.. )So tell me.. Why you say i was drawing dead?BTW.. What is "Krablar."Edit.. Something else i have noticed with my play online.. If i am aggressive with my hands people always
  8. Here is the Hand in questionthere are 10 people left 1 more person out and you go to final table. You are second stack with 109k the high stack has 110kThere is a second player pushing 5-10k preflop every hand with about 65k chips. What do you do ? Now for what i DID... And i still slap myself in the head for doing it. Preflop villin bets 10k everyone folds i was in late position. I raised 3x his bet. (Was getting tired of his BS)He Reraised all in I called With A 8 Villin has K 3 clubs. Flop comes out Ah 8c 4dTurn is a 7cRiver is 2c He runner runner killed me... What is sad about this is i ha
  9. Hi DanWatched you play tonight on PS and was watching your convo etc. (Waves to ballon guy) I have a couple things to say. 1. When you play online are you always inundated with people trying to talk with you ? (Just seemed REALLY rude of them ((Aside from Ballonguy)) Trying to get your attention while your trying to concentrate on the game at hand) 2. I hope you have a good flight in the morning .. (Forget where you said you were heading) Are you by any chance taking a British airlines flight ? And if so might i suggest you NOT Check your bags this time I Wish i had been able to play that to
  10. I do not get all the people who complain about loosing with AA KK QQ AK etc.. Let me explain my reasoning. 1. All these hands (Except for AK) are nothing more then a pair. 2. AK is not even a pair. 3. Sure they are the best starting hands but remember.. THEY ARE ONLY 1 PAIR !!. 23 or any combination can beat your hand easily. (Givin the right flop)Really does it surprise you guys when someone calls with 78 and beats these hands ?I personally Hate AA KK QQ etc.. I wind up loosing with these hands more often then winning. Especially online. Where any donk with suited connectors or even unsuited
  11. I play there all the time. personally i think Stars is a lot easier to play at then Absolute.. Then again i usually end up at final table at absolute a lot. (In tourneys)Dono mate.. Try it make up your own mind.
  12. I was watching this while it happened. His table and Dans I do not blame him for making this move actualy. Considering he had such a low stack. I did notice he folded 99% of the time. even in the big blind. But other players were basicaly trying to steal his blinds all the time.Just the hand history posted below .. (Hey im trying to contribute to the forums so give me a break)PokerStars Game #12057449214: Tournament #70000001, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2007/09/14 - 17:08:26 (ET)Table '70000001 757' 6-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Ares_AA (8689 in chips) Seat 2: Money80
  13. Statistics for 178 HandsStreet Saw Saw/TotalFourth 53 30%Fifth 41 23%Sixth 33 19%Seventh 31 17%Showdown 24 13%Street Won Won/Saw Won/TotalThird 124 70% 70%Fourth 11 21% 6%Fifth 8 20% 4%Sixth 2 6% 1%Seventh 1 3% 1%Showdown - Split 7 29% 4%- Scoop 11 46% 6%Ok thats my stats. Except for maybe 9 hands noone ever called. It was a sit and go tourney 1 guy called like 9 times but after that it was just me completing every hand for the rest of the game.. Was a 7 card stud hi/low game. WTF ? you would think people would play.. Are these bots ?? I do not get this .. gotta be bots.. only thing i can th
  14. This being my first post here i would like to say hello to everyone Specially Daniel. Ok this tourney was at Full tilt and of course as in most free rolls there it is a donk fest. The first prize is entry into round 2 of the Aussie Millions giveaway. I Went on to win this free roll for the seat to the round 2 event. (On Friday) This is only the second time i have gotten a royal :)trivester pushed all in I called :)edit... Woops. I posted this in the wrong forum. Could a mod please move it to the right one for me?
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