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  1. i play KQ and KJ in CO and buton only. i fold Q10o anywhere
  2. is there a way to know the bonus is coming ahead of time? apparently cashing out during the bonus period then reloading it does not work ;P
  3. i think u have 72o and are just ****ing around
  4. i think you played it fine
  5. This is wrong. NL Holdem is shown more on TV because it is more exciting not because it is more or less skilled. With "degree all in moments" <-- (lol) it is more exciting and will draw more viewers
  6. yes take 50$ to 510 table get lucky, tripple up and bounce!
  7. Shana is way better ;(
  8. There are many fish at limit too, theres way more fish at limit than NL its just that 1 NL fish is equal to like 2 or 3 limit fishes lol
  9. dude, you are knocking Limit. You have much to learn young Padawn. I'll be honest, I really doubt that you've been playing NL as long as you claim. Only since hole cams has NL blown up, in fact up until recently, the tournament of preference was Limit. No, I'm not scared og Big swings, I just don't like them. I play limit because its hard to be a winning player. You need good discipline in Limit, I personally find it harder and more skillfull than NL. I also love it when NL guys sit down at a Limit table and whinre about not being able to protect their hands, I just take your money. Limit is a
  10. you learned from watching poker on tv? Good Luck.
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