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  1. Sorry for your loss.. losing a parent cannot be an easy thing to deal with.
  2. indeed..mebbe Thesaurus.. may help him sound less like a clown?
  3. I managed to get to your post and then was hypnotized by your siggie.. got me a backhand from the girlfriend but it was worth it.dumb article and looked like a brutal hackjob blog. Why it was even a reputable poker website is beyond me.
  4. that is some seriously classic stuff man.. kudos to pulling off some sick prankage and knowing when to get out when the gettin's good..lawsuits tend to be a bad thing imo.
  5. lucky fkr!its freakin' minus 30 out here and your going to get heat stroke.so flippin' jealous..(have fun though and drink mucho cervesas por pavor!)
  6. thats what happens when fez gets ahold of a lady.. freaks em right outta ever wanting the dank again..shame too, fire crotch was kinda hot in that, dirty, found in the gutter looking for bus fare kinda way.
  7. that was freakin' sweet.. that one made me lol.
  8. dunno how blitzed I was when I posted that but.. wow.
  9. 2kish is a sweet pickup no matter how ya slice it man.. nicely done!
  10. holy shitballs..you can tell the future!!*bows down to Qyayqi's eliteness"**edit** due to sheer stupidity..
  11. 1) kick ass..2) take names..Repeat until heads up.. then exclude #2..TID glglglg!
  12. I'm refusing to rail in protest to the lucky bastard living in Hawaii.. I'm so freakin' jealous right now..Whats the winter season out there.. like +20? FAWK!in all seriousness, gl tid and I'd rail if I could but i'll have too many tables to multi.. I'll think I'm playing on his table or someshit.
  13. hahaha.. this post is just dripping with aweseomeness..
  14. baahahahahahhahahaha...thats just freakin' awesome..
  15. Surprised no one said it but.."its because they were soooooooooooooted!!"*edit*Congrats DN on a sweet takedown on home soil!
  16. Regina?? damn.. I thought I had it rough in Winnipeg.
  17. why do I think the song Crazy Bitch gets alot of play on your stereo?
  18. I completely agree.. that dude/chick must have paid literally a small fortune to get the face shaped as much as it was.. lips, ears, etc..either that or I just cannot fathom saying.."damn, thats a hot dude.."
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