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  1. Well that's upsetting. The guy who admittedly hasn't played a hand of Rush in his life is calling me a troll. Whatever will I do? Funny how it's always the loudmouthed jackasses who're the first to cry "troll, whaaa!" It's a pity there isn't a moniker like "troll" for the self-assured schmuck who whines like a little girl when anybody disagrees with them. Actually, there is, now: I've decided the term is trystero. Congrats, you're the new Santorum, pal. In so many ways...There's no way to argue your answer, tryst, primarily because all you've said, (though you've managed to repeat it a
  2. "LOL", indeed. QQ was precisely what he had. And 5-handed, AA isn't impossible either, with the villain trapping & deciding he's not letting go of them no matter what. (Which, in this case, would've worked out just fine.)What, have you not played poker in a few months or something? Have you ever even played Rush? Oh. Apparently not. Yeah. Feel free to charge all you like for two hands that don't make it to the turn anyway. You really think AQ calls a flop bet? And you think QT is even AROUND for the flop? Sometimes, perhaps. But I can guarantee you that QQ is sticking around past
  3. Your mistake's simple. You got value-bet and raised him on the river. The right move is to smooth-call on the river, pay him off, and lose half as much money. Shit, you lose LESS than half: $4.25 vs. $9.25. Here's why:1. Ask yourself, what's villain going to limp-call with pre-flop? It's not a (totally) insane move to limp-call with queens preflop just for pot control in rush, which is assumed to be crawling with retarded maniacs. Frankly, my read pre-flop's going to be a small pair, and I'd be more worried about the 23T than the Q that eventually falls.2. If you think you're beat on the
  4. This depends a lot on your evaluation of UTG: Is he a tight player? Would he raise UTG and then call a third bet with 7's or 4's? Is he willing to raise with a nut flush draw? How creative is he?If UTG is very tight he could have the following hands:77AsKsAQAAKKJJTTThe last 4 possibilities are only if the turn convinced him you missed.If he's more creative, he could also have:KQ (he's making a play, figuring he's the only guy with a set.)44In most of these hands you're the favorite, even though the most likely hands for him to have are 44 and 77.Raise the turn, and call on the turn (and th
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