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  1. I think a high percentage of the time you are ahead here (at limits any higher then this, you are likely behind however and it would be an easy fold). From what I have witnessed at these levels, it is very likely that SB is pushing with either a Q or a K and is afraid of the flush and the BB is smooth calling with the Ace of hearts. That being said I still fold here almost every time and wait for a better spot, because as I am sure you know, your big hands will get paid off at this level. How did it turn out?
  2. Ironically enough QuasiFiction 5/30 in the Sunday Warm-up right now. Maybe all that 45 man sng practice will pay off. He's only 10 - tabling though, I guess so he can concentrate.
  3. Alright I will send them an email, and let you know.
  4. Hey Everybody...1st post here, I have been a lurker for awhile but just found something I would like to share.The other day I was playing a $12 45-player SNG on Stars and was checking stats on some of the players at my table when I noticed something strange. A certain player was playing upwards of 150 45-player SNG's each day for the last month or so (totaling 4506 games in less then 30 days). Since then I have searched his name a few times on Stars and found him playing anywhere from 15 to 19 tables at a time. I have heard of guys playing 10 - 12 tables at a time but 19 seems ridiculous...
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