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  1. some of these things just sneak up on and surprise the hell out of you.
  2. Since we'll never see him again and now it's beyond situational to ever use this sucker,I'm Cappy.I have a nasty habit of making the perfect jopke account to taunt someone that would normally be below my standard for even conversing with, and then..BOOM... they get banned directly after. Total waste of an email account. imo. :icon_frown:Damn you, FWP. Damn you.
  3. minding my businessfueled by Jack, he came from behind damn you, foxwoods pro.
  4. fyp? Would it not be something extraordinary if all 3 masterpieces were originated by one single mind? That the joy equivalent to prancing about a family picnic, attacking a helpless paper-mache animal in the name of personal gain, enjoying succulent barbecque and delectible beverage amidst the company of friends could all be achieved through but a simple message board, by a single fairweather friend? Is it truly possible, that the aim for both enlightenment and entertainment could be intertwined like a pair of sweaty bear-like men in a truckstop restroom during the wee hours of a otherwise m
  5. unneccessary. leave me the hell out of this.
  6. when you are minding your own business and some drunk kid out cruising for 40 year old bar skanks...
  7. Fold Preflop. Doko has done his job by putting pressure on the blinds, no reason to get involved, period. Just remember in hands that he folds, as next to act and the other big stack, don't be afraid to do your job and put pressure on, too.You give up way too much equity being involved here. I don't expect you to throw away AA, but even KK has to be played cautiously.. You both risk to much being in the same pot. It's not winner-take-all or even winner-take-most. You muck instantly.edit: dammit.
  8. If only daddy dearest was as fond of drunken rear-ending as he was....
  9. Is he constantly trying to play you heads up for rollz?Does he have aspirations in poetry?
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