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  1. I wont bet against GSPDiego's cardio is sick. I'll take him too.
  2. yeah, i thought that was a bad deal as well. He was getting 98k for sure. Why not just play it out a bit?
  3. jocks no jocks - those games are easy reguardless. If you want to risk more to earn the same, good for you.PM'd you.
  4. Also 20 dollar tournies out in BG, and I can try to dig up a number for 20 dollar tournies out by the sundance kid drive in, but thats deep.
  5. the guy who owned the club on sylvania calls me and tells me there is a home game he runs, cash game 1/2 nl on weds. and sats.I'll pm you his number / address
  6. I'll go if you BR me $200.Never played at windsor, waited on the list for 6 hours on opening night - but never played there yet.Also some home games floating around tonight, if you end up not going.
  7. Where was this at? In Toledo?Union Hall on jackman?
  8. I see gannon now, hard to see him. Didn't you need a shitload of arrows for him or some ****?Anyway, yeah.. but I hardly get on. Busy with school and all. I'll have to hit you up sometime.
  9. yo wandigo, what is your avatar of?also lets play cards sometime? I've been MIA for a while.
  10. **** lee jones for giving me an ace for my first card in the BB, folllowed by a 4.
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