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  1. I'll tell you what's rigged....Sportsbook.com's Blackjack game. I hate losing at blackjack more than poker.
  2. Damn, I'm a little short on the post count. Mostly lurk around here. I did get 108th place in this event the last go around in this tourney though.
  3. I think the whole BET/WET argument is just plain stupid. Who would honestly watch WET? I know white people wouldn't. Besides country music, we get our culture from everyone else. Think about it. Daniel, you argue you don't like the name BET and in the same blog, you say you do not like the term African-American? I agree African-American is a stupid term and not many use the term.And what Daniel wrote is true. Most of television caters to white people. I couldn't name one black person on a NBC, ABC, or CBS sitcom. So, I'm happy thay there are other channels that offer different program
  4. I play on Sportsbook almost exclusively but never cashed out. I have also heard bad things. But I think it just takes a while to get a check from them. Anyone know if there is a search function on Cake/Sportsbook to find players? I'm pretty sure there isn't but it is a pain looking for somebody.
  5. Wow, that was terrible. That guy won every all-in. Good game though.
  6. Great double up with A-10. First is yours fo sho!
  7. I am on the rail sir. Nice double up with Q9.
  8. Down to 107k after the Sixth Break on MiniFTOPS #24.... Hoping I can double up...a few times.
  9. Still in Mini with 136k after the fifth break. 172 out of 807.
  10. Up to 14k after double up AA vs QQ.
  11. I would fold. I wouldn't want a coin flip against one player, let alone two. Find a better spot where you can shove yourself.
  12. I just call the initial raise. But, I'm folding to that re-raise almost 100%.
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