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  1. That doesn't matter in limit hold'em...
  2. A little more info:*******************************At the end of the rebuy period, here are some total rebuy counts for notable players. Rebuy counts include add-ons.Daniel Negreanu - 12Gavin Smith - 8David "The Dragon" Pham - 2Erick Lindgren - 8Layne Flack - 4David Plastik - 2Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi - 5John D'Agostino - 1Men Nguyen - 3Greg Raymer - 3Barry Greenstein - 7Howard Lederer - 5********************************Daniel Negreanu has just bubbled out and finished 73rd. After a board of 10-8-3-J-2, an opponent moved all in. Negreanu, sat and thought for a very long time. Finally,
  3. He was knocked out on the bubble, one out of the money. Ended up with 12 rebuys I think (9 rebuys and 2 add-ons), so lost $12k in total...
  4. You say that he's been LAG preflop but has been making good decisions postflop. If that's the case, I think you have to put him on an ace here. He knows that you probably have an ace to call a pot sized bet preflop.Furthermore, just because he's LAG doesn't mean he's super-aggressive so, as you suggest, he's going to have an ace a high percentage of the time that he raises pot preflop.So, I'd say that there's an excellent chance he has an ace here. If he does have an ace, he almost definitely has you beat via a higher kicker. So, I think you can feel comfortable if you hit a 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 on
  5. I would say easy fold. There's no question in my mind that one of them has one of the following hands:Jx, AA, KK, QQ, TT or 99Frankly, they both probably have something from that list.
  6. yeah, yeah, yeah.... I meant UTG raises.... oops!
  7. Why the bet on the river? Anyone who calls that bet has you beat, and no one who has you beat is going to fold....
  8. Let's say you're playing an Omaha-8 ring game with 10 people and you're UTG+1. You just arrived at the table and thus have no reads.[edit]UTG[/edit] raises pot. What hands are you willing to call/raise with?Here are some examples of borderline hands that I'd probably lay down - do you think I've drawn the line at the right place, am being too tight, or am being too loose?AK29 single-suitedAA68 single-suitedA348 single-suited9TJJ double-suited9TJJ single-suitedTJQQ rainbow
  9. Since they're loose aggressive, I wouldn't be too worried about a strong ace (AK, AJ or AT) or KQ as they probably would have reraised with any of those hands. Similarly, I wouldn't be worried about AA, JJ or TT. As a result, the only hand that I think I'm behind here is JT.You said that they're aggressive. What have they done when a preflop raiser checks? If you think it's very likely (>75%) that one of them will bet, I would check/raise all-in. If you don't think it's that likely that they'll bet, I say just raise all in now.You can't make anything but an all-in raise as the pot is $1000
  10. what would u be wary of?just trying to improve my thinking..Tardomatic could have JJ or KK from his preflop raise.snowteam could have 56 because he was given ENORMOUS pot odds to call from the BB.
  11. Really? I agree with the fold on a pot-sized bet, but don't you think folding to a min bet is a little tight? You're getting 11-1 odds to call there, and maybe he just has A678....?
  12. Smash, can you explain a bit more of your reasoning here? It seems fairly obvious that the BB hit his nut club flush, a hand which you won't beat (yeah, you could get runner-runner for a boat, but unlikely enough that we can ignore that possibility).So, is your reasoning for folding that you're not willing to call this and 2 more pot-sized bets (thus putting you all in) just on the off-chance that he doesn't have a 2 to go along with his ace?
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