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  1. Results based thinking is one of the biggest things I notice after learning poker.
  2. Not being mean, but if you don't instantly auto muck JTo in EP in a FR game then you should really check out some starting hand charts online somewhere (I reccomend you browse 2+2).
  3. I'm not telling you you're a bad parents for feeding your child crap. You ARE a bad parent.
  4. Again notice the great difference between fast food and smoking.
  5. The vast majority of court decisions have been in favour of the defendant companies And last time I checked, smoking isn't outlawed...And the lawsuits were bought against the companies on charges related to fraud and such because they deliberately hid the health risks coupled with smoking in the early days. This is totally different from fast food.So yeah, that point is just wrong.
  6. It has nothing to do with freedom of choice when the person has no idea what choice they're making or any reasonable means of asserting that choice themselves.When you're an adult, fine, eat whatever the hell you want I don't really care. But with children it's a totally different issue. You act as if we're turning into a 1984 society just for talking about restricting the food children eat, as if by banning cheeseburgers from 5 year olds we're destroying their very soul or something. The fact is that children don't understand the consequences of what they eat nor do they have much power to ch
  7. It's not just as bad at all, it's not even close to being just as bad.
  8. It wasn't intended to be smug, if you're the type of guy to get really into 24 then you'd probably go nuts over the Sopranos/West Wing(Especialy this)/The Wire. Which I imagine there's a good chance you've seen already, but if not I'd definitely reccomend you watch some.
  9. Definitely take FTP and definitely do not play $10NL. If you've played 2/5NL live, then there is really no reason at all why you should not be playing $25NL. The rake at $10nl is insane and playing there really won't help you as a player, in my view it probably hinders most of the people on here who've played it for long periods of time.
  10. You made a request? Where? You're last 4 posts are all on the subject of 24 without asking anyone to not talk about it.And I don't really think it's a fair request, I agree with not giving out spoilers, but I never gave out any spoilers and I don't see how people discussing the quality of the series affects your viewing of it. And besides, if you haven't realised the plot lines, dialogue and acting in 24 are awful then you really need to watch some better TV.
  11. I don't think the argument is particularly focused around her being unqualified.It's more focused on her being an unqualified idiot.
  12. Right on, while you're at it offer your child some heroin too. Sure, he may not understand what it is, but hey, that's true freedom right?
  13. It's not genetic continuance though, it's parenting. Children being born to terrible parents are being born terrible children, they're becoming them because of the terrible parenting they receive. This is not true at all
  14. God the script writing and acting for 24 is so terrible It makes me want to cry. I have no idea how these script writers had the audacity to go on strike when their writing is a piss poor as this. If it wasn't for Kiether Sutherland the show would be a complete failure. Also, I'm willing to bet $10 that Tony turns out to be a good guy.
  15. The sort of children this impacts most? They're children, the whole point of this is that they can't chose the right food for themselves.
  16. Last year a British celebrity Chef started a crusade to get more healthy food in school cafeterias. He succeed, but instead of eating healthy food we just had a mass exodus of students eating in school.
  17. I think it'd be better if he called it OMGPokerVideos rather than BlueFirePoker
  18. Healthy food isn't expensive though. Ordering take outs for your three kids 5 days a week is going to cost you a lot more that buying fresh food from your local grocery or supermarket. I understand that a lot of parents have a very full schedule and aren't the greatest cooks, but feeding a young child takeaways on a regular basis is just totally unacceptable imo. Obesity starts in the home and your child's diet at an early age is just sooo important, watching parents buy McDonald's large for their 5 year old makes me sick. As a parent it should be your responsibility to make sure your kid is e
  19. It's not this simple. Medical university places are the most sought after in Britain (where we have national health care), we are not running out of top doctors.
  20. Ok, so they get treated in an ER centre. The child has a severe medical condition that needs expensive treatment. What happens then? Surely the hospital isn't footing the bill for that.You say they can get covered by Medicaid, but Medicaid and Medicare are just democratic pipe-dream initiatives that take all the rich people's money and spend it on lazy poor people and children right? Isn't the whole point of this thread that you don't believe the Federal government should provide this cover? I've asked this question twice now. Copernicus just dismissed it people he doesn't care about people wh
  21. Ok, lets say i'm a 25 year old single parent working full time at a minimum wage job, I barely make enough to pay the bills and can't afford health insurance for either myself of my child. One day, my child has a seizure and badly damages his head against the floor, he's bleeding and unconscious, but still alive.What does this person do? Can she go the hospital and ask to have her kid checked over? This is the people you don't seem to recognise. You imagine that everyone in your country lives like you do and that those without health insurance are just irresponsible, lazy or foolish. What can
  22. Al Gore? Isn't he the one that stopped climate change?
  23. Looks like you're on a good enough page to me!
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