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  1. Pretty much agree I guess.The problem for me is that, i'm all for life imprisonment for murders committed because the victim was gay/black/murder. It sickens me like nothing else. But then you always have to come back to the fact that in doing so you're treating another murder in a fairer manner simply because he wasn't homophobic, and then you realise how effing retarded the whole idea is.
  2. She 'is' the government? I mean, the decision would have been made with some consultation with other members of her departments and other government figures, but there's no 'oversight' bar parliamentary committees which don't do much.Not sure if anyone remembers, but we had a case like this with a Dutch nutcase who wanted to show a film on the evil of islam to our parliament and he also got denied.
  3. The thing is, lowering interest rates doesn't automatically 'inject' money into the economy. There are transmission mechanisms by which the rate change at the federal reserve works into the rest of the economy.Lending cheaper to banks may 'increase' the money supply, but if no one lends out the money and it just stays in the bank, it doesn't inflect inflation. Even with the OMOC inflation/deflation isn't some dimmer light switch that policy makers can adjust to whatever degree they want
  4. Yes you can - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_market_operationsNewly created money is used by the central bank to buy in the open market a financial asset, such as government bonds, foreign currency, or gold. If the central bank sells these assets in the open market, the amount of money that the purchasing bank holds decreases, effectively destroying money.
  5. Most American posters probably don't know this, but a few weeks ago she made the headlines after her husband claimed two porn films on her MPs expenses claim, as well as a house she doesn't live in.She's also getting fired pretty soon.
  6. 0% chance of Minieri appearing on HSP.He plays cash games but not often, and certainly not at this level.
  7. Eli is obviously horrific at NLHE. I think he's he's not much at the other games either, the big game in bobbys room was mixed and Elezra was one of the players it always formed around. I've heard some live pros complement him on his mixed game play before, but it seemed a bit disingenous and judging from from his general demeanour I doubt he's anything special at HORSE.
  8. You still don't get that not having a perfect and undeniable answer to something does not mean that any 'possible' theory is equally legitimate.
  9. No, no it isn't.From wikipedia - Economists generally agree that high rates of inflation and hyperinflation are caused by an excessive growth of the money supply.[5] Views on which factors determine low to moderate rates of inflation are more varied. Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities, as well as to growth in the money supply.You said it yourself, the money supply has increased 25% in America in the last year, while inflation is near 0%. The two facts are linked, but by no
  10. ..Which is what I said?'Warcraft dost not have anywhere near the same level of chemical stimulants caused by hardcore drugs' That wasn't being sarcastic, I meant that the effect of warcraft is not in the same league as cocaine, which it isn't.
  11. That's just not true. The reason these people are hardcore drug users is because the drugs they're taking are hardcore addictive. You seem to think that the people who take these substances have the easy choice of taking them or not taking them, and that they're continued use of the is ultimately because they chose to. This isn't the case. The vast majority of heavy drug users are addicted because of the chemical properties of the drug they're taking. Sure, at the start it was a choice, they chose to take a drug, but once they get hooked, it's no longer a choice, it's an addiction. Undoubtedly
  12. Can I ask how on earth it took you this long to realise that the vast majority of the world lives in abject poverty? And that if you believe god is responsible for that then he has a whole lot of shit to answer for?
  13. I wouldn't call it harmless by any means, but I also agree that it should not be illegal(though I worry about supermarket shelves being filled with pot).Heroin and Cocaine though, I think the people arguing for them to be legal because 'People should be allowed to do whatever the F they want' are being a bit short sighted. These drugs have an insane cost to the community in which they're used, and I believe it is myopic to say that drug addicts are doing it because it's there choice and not because it's an addictive choice. We all make mistakes in life, and I bet the majority of heavy crack/he
  14. There's like absolutely no way the money supply of any measurement has increased 60% in the past 8-12 months.The freeze in credit markets will have slowed down the growth of the money supply somewhat, and presumably government action will have reversed that somewhat. I got this from the fed http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h6/current/ which seems reasonable. Personally I do not see British inflation rising above 5% for a long time, America i'm not as certain on (and whatever I say I'm assuming you'll accuse the treasury of hiding the truth) but I would be willing to be $10 or something t
  15. Yes, he's risking millions of dollars just to get a prized sponsorship deal with Full Tilt, a site that's renowned for it's high standards of red pros...
  16. Has anyone mentioned that alternative energy is not just to stop global warming?
  17. I was expecting this to be a 3 year old thread from when TJ was a forum donk.I am pleasantly surprised
  18. I'm assuming when you say that you're talking about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scien..._global_warming which you posted before?If so, then both statements in your post are incorrect. No scientist on the list signed a petition, the list was created by a 3rd party. Secondly, there disagreements are not 'global warming is not happening'. Indeed, they cannot even be called global warming sceptics. Or more directly -scientists who have stated disagreement with one or more of the principal conclusions of the mainstream scientific opinion on global warming. It should not be interpreted as
  19. ****ing nice month!!! What stakes? Like Rog said, 20-30 is fine. I generally prefer more because I'm a nit, but if you have 6k in total and you know a lot about poker (which you do) you'll be fine playing $50nl with that much
  20. By calling and seeing what he does on the turn
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