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  1. It wasn't tubgirl was it?
  2. Isn't ultimate-bet meant to be one of the higher stakes orientated poker rooms?
  3. No way i'm folding that there in a limit game, no way.You've got an up and down straight draw with an over-pair, it's a definite call imo.Sometimes, i think people can over complicate the skill of limit players, i think the BB could easily play this the same way if she has AJ and with your hand being as good as it is, i would just call it down because the pots so huge already.
  4. Why raise UTG with QT? Seems like a bit of a loose play imo.I would have check folded the turn tbh, if he's called you when their are no obvious draws on the board and you've got middle pair weak kicker, i don't think you're in a very good situation.Once he called you on the turn, your hand is dead, even though you've hit another queen, you shouldn't bet it.The thing is, you're only really getting called by a hand that beats you so you're not getting much value from it, he could have been holding A8 yes, but you need to think what he could be calling your raise with on that board and i think i
  5. Well if you assume the players at higher stakes are better than and micro blinds, then there's an argument for it.At in low limit poker, a lot of players miss the possible straight or flush on the board and play their top pair like it's the nuts, i would probably call it down (though tbf i have seen the result) but i don't think folding is unacceptable.
  6. I would bet 50% of the pot.A very likely situation is that the button thinks Daniel has made a continuation bet on the flop after his pre-flop aggression and has bluff-called him with the hope that he'll be able to take it away on the turn.The unthreateing board imo would make the button think that Daniel is bluffing because he think Daniel thinks he could have missed and will fold.As there are no draws, and the turn doesn't help, i would bet again.
  7. Don't agree with that, if the guy has a chance to get more chips, i don't see how you can object to him going for them, poker isn't a team game.
  8. I'd go with any two cards above ten, 5s or bigger, and any ace.
  9. You're within your rights to ask as long as you do it politely.However, the other guy is perfectly within his rights aswell to bet for the side pot, for whatever reason.
  10. Raising on the flop was a great move, imo you've got this guy hook line and sinker.He is probably holding either and over-pair (in which case he thinks you could be betting with TPTK and he's got you dead), a set(in which case he's too busy thanking his lucky stars to think about your cards) or TPTK if he's LAG(in which case he's probably thinking the same).The last thing he would put you on would be a flush i reckon, he's probably licked his lips are your flop raise thinking he's unbeatable then bet out big on the turn hoping you've got a good enough hand to pay his unbeatable hand off.Shove
  11. Gotta lead out, he's not going to have called your pre-flop re-raise with a 4 unless he's a complete moron.In this situation he's probably drawing thin, but luckily he's probably thinking the same about you. Be aggressive and make him pay you off which he probably will do.
  12. Best move is to raise on the flop.The problem with betting on the turn is that he automaticaly think the turn has helped you.In this case if he's got AK and you raise him on the flop he'll think you've made your hand already and will view your bet on the turn as continued agression from a hand you made on the flop.If you bet now on the turn, he could easily put you on a jack, you checked and called which was weak, then you bet when another jack came out, suspicious or what?
  13. Raise, not much point in calling when you'd have to fold to another club, if he's got a draw make him pay for it, if he's got top pair top kicker make him pay you off, either way you win money.Oh and if he flopped the nuts, then that's just plain unlucky.
  14. Learn to take the bat beats instead of walking away after them, it'll keep you sane.My advice is to play V tight for a session or two then gradualy push your boundaries out a bit, not that i'm advising becoming a maniac overnight, far from it, i'm talking about playing some marginal hands that you may have folded before and attempting a well thought out bluff or two, a move that is easier once you are confident at the table.
  15. That's a really tough position to be in. it's a tough laydown, but thinking ahead what are you going do?If an overcard hits the turn, then you may be forced to fold the best hand, if the ten hits the board, he could have trip tens, if it's a blank, he's probably going to bet big again thinking legitimately he has the best hand.You're probably either way ahead, or way behind. If he has a higher overpair, you're screwed, if he has a pair of tens, you're screwed. If he has AT, you're laughing all the way.I really wouldn't know what the best play is in that situation. Personaly, I would fold. I do
  16. That's been happening a lot to me lately at the same level.Once i had 64 in the BB with on caller, the flop came 647, the other caller moved all in for $10, i called instantly, she had 72 and hit a higher two pair on the turn. I played 400 hands of solid poker in the day, i played 17% of hands, won about 10 small pots, and was involved in 3 big pots in which my opponent sucked out on the river, overall i was even for 400 hands, which annoyed me a lot.However, that's what playing solid poker can be like, as you'll be involved in less hands, your overall session win/loss will often be determined
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