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  1. I would reccomend checking out Smasharoo's attempt to turn $50 into $1000 playing only limit ring games - http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry1360025It really helped me a lot.Low-limit ring game poker requires a very very simple ABC approach for you to be successfull.Bet when you have the best hand, call when you have a worthy draw, and fold everything else.You should 3 bet big hands like AK AA KK AQ QQ where possible, DON'T limp with your premium hands, when you have a good hand you should raise to get more money in the pot when you have the best of it, don't be afraid of rai
  2. Well i REALLY didn't see that coming
  3. Gl.As i'm new to the forum, can i ask what your full name is?
  4. I'm a crap golfer but i occasionaly.I can see what you mean, but i don't think that should be classed as luck in the sense luck as it is used in poker. It's unfortunate that your ball landed in a divot, but one of the main challenges in golf is aiming your shot so it has no chance of going in a hazardous area.When you take your tea shot on a par 4, you aim for the fairway, if your ball hits the fairway then rolls into the rough, how is that unlucky? Your stroke made the ball take the path it did, there's no luck involved because everything that happened to your ball happened because of somethi
  5. Is it worth signing up for the the Instant Bankroll promotion?I can't see a catch yet, but i've signed up for so many things of this nature and the end result is usualy just a load of spam mail.
  6. Not that it matters, but i don't think that should be classed as luck at all, if your ball pitches an inch too far and falls down a hill, that's your fault because you hit the shot too hard, luck is external factors which you can't control, like the weather. Hitting your ball in a divot, well, how can that be luck when the only reason it's down there is because you hit it a certain distance in a certain direction?
  7. Well there's a slight bit of luck because weather conditions may vary but in general that isn't a massive factor.Everything else isn't classed as luck.
  8. Yeh but i needed 3 names and i wasn't gonna put Moneymaker in there:P
  9. But surely a pro(meaning just one specificaly) has a better chance of winning a tournament with 50 pros and 500 donkeys than they do one with 550 pros.
  10. Does anyone have his exact words?If that is what he said, then i'd like to point out that he doesn't have to play in it if he doesn't want to.I don't like people complaining about the ME being won by 'un-knowns' all the time. It's crap, Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem and Jamie Gold are acctualy very good players with good records, and when he says that it's too hard for a pro to win, just look at some of the top finishers in recent years - Scotty Nyguen was one of the chip leaders but busted in 11th(i think) this year along with Gus Hansen who had a good run, Allen Cunningham managed to make it in 20
  11. I'm willing if no body else will
  12. Oh shit sorry, i got directed to this from pt special's profile, forgot it could be a dead thread.
  13. Well um, i don't have 500+ posts and i hate sounding like a beggar but any money into Bowman90 on Stars and SSDas on Full Tilt would be greatly appreciated as i don't have a bankroll.
  14. www.pokertube.com but you may have to wait a while for them to be uploaded.I'm not a massive fan of high stakes poker on tv, i can never get into it.I mean, my kind of logic is that these players are so good they hardly ever make mistakes, so if they hardly ever make mistakes the winner will be determined more by what cards fall, and even if they do make a mistake and they lose $100k, it doesn't seem to matter at all because they're so rich it doesn't effect them.I know i'm wrong, but i can't get into it that much.
  15. I'm not going to cash out till i'm 18 though, and when i do that i'll make a new account with real details then send the money over and cash it out with the certified account.And if that fails, meh, at least i've been able to play poker online that isn't play money for 3 years.
  16. Well there's an age restriction on consuming alcohol but i'd bet most people have had a beer before they're 18.All you have to do is tick the "I am over 18" box, set your birth date back a few years and you're rolling.
  17. *Waves hand in the air crazily!!*I'm 15 years old and cannot deposit into any online site.However, i built up a $160 bankroll on stars from a freeroll in two weeks, but then i banned myself because i though poker would be a bad influence in my life, 2 weeks later i thought through the situation again and realised it would only be bad if i let it be and decided it was a mistake to ban myself in the first place.However, the ban doesn't wear off for ages and i'm stuck with no where to play poker, and the games in school i was a winner at have all dried up.My username on stars was SSDas, i had a p
  18. Or he could have overcards and a flush draw giving him the right odds to call
  19. I would definitely have bet on the turn, i think it's unlikely that he's hit his king so i'd bet A) thinking 80% i've got the best hand and B) To get information on his hand, hopefuly that info that he's called the flop for no paticular reason and will fold on the turn.
  20. I just read Doyle Brunson in super system exactly about this situation.If a blank came of, i'd push, but i suppose i feel safer saying that because i've seen the CO check the turn.No one has to have AK and imo, no one does, i think if the button had AK he's definitely re-raise PF and i think the cut off probably has JT or something he shouldn't be raising with. At these levels there's so many players who will flat call most things, they aren't slowplaying the nuts, they're normaly calling with middle pair and a gutshot. With that flop i'd say there is a big possibility of set and two pairs and
  21. Heh, maybe, but imo i don't think he'll think that far ahead at tese stakes because he's good enough to know he's mostly playing against people that could fall for it normaly.Maybe i'm a conservative player, but i don't feel confident calling with A9 there, imo you're rarely going to be a big favourite but often you could be far behind (99+ AT+). I don't like calling an all in unless i have a big hand, i'm prepared to let it go because i feel i'm in a good enough situation to win without taking that big a risk.If he went in for 1k i'd call, but 3k is just too much for me to take the risk with
  22. Tough one there.I would fold. Though i couldn't believe i was folding as i clicked the fold button. With that much action before you, and with 4 people already 100 chips in already (also it being a $1) i don't see you getting much fold equity and i also wouldn't fancy your chances against any callers.It's hard to do, but i think it's the right move, you've got more than enough chips to wait for a better situation. It's not as if you have a quota of good hands you're allowed to get in a tournament, folding a big hand doesn't mean you've failed to capitilise on a precious good hand, there'll be
  23. Fold, looks like he's hit his flush to me, your overpair isn't much good here imo.Maybe push pre-flop, wouldn't mind that move with 6 players still left and 4 to the money.Pushing post flop? I don't know, personaly i don't like pushing post flop unless i made my mind up to stop and go after i saw my hand PF, though in this situation all in PF or post-flop isn't a terrible play.I would fold to that turn bet though.
  24. I'd chatted with the guy for quite some time, BSing about poker and football, etc. Very knowledgable, solid player.. Right before this hand he loses a monster and says "I'm on serious tilt" after this hand is *dealt*.Sound suspicious to you?Even if i didn't think he was pretending to be on tilt for people to call his big hand, i'm not calling 2/3 of my chips with A9.
  25. Eugh, I hated that part in V for Vendetta, not only did she look horrible but the storyline went to pot.Anyway, i haven't acctualy played a 6 man SNG but i'm sure i prefer 9 handed ones, though the way i play it i'm not doing much before we get to 6 people anyway so there difference may be negligible.
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