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  1. Seems to me like you are/used to be quite an arrogant person, on the flip side do you think that being overly confident in poker has helped you?Disclaimer: I'm not saying arrogant as a bad adjective, just that you seem from what i've read to be very self confident.
  2. *huggles*Don't worry i read it, it's just easier to respond to brainless one liners than mutli paragraph well thought out posts.It was worth the reading time.
  3. I just made my eyes go gozzy searching for a Spademan post without a capital I so i could be pedantic.Alas, I failed, damn you Spademan
  4. Fatman, which part of Liverpool are you from?
  5. http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/1567/donvkingqz2nr5.gif
  6. Am i the only one that thinks about it the other way?The only time i go on tilt is when i play bad poker, bad luck doesn't get me much, it's silly getting worked up about something that's out of your control. I never blame luck for my losses, i guess this tends to make me more angry with myself but i feel i try to improve my play better than a lot of people i know who never stop talking about how they never win a race or their aces getting cracked 4 times in one day.
  7. I used to think that, but after going on tilt then playing like a maniac for 700 hands in micro limit games i was amazed to see how much better i fared playing far more aggressively.I know 700 hands isn't enough of a sample, but subjectively i didn't get any luckier than i normaly am so i think it's a fair assumption. Even when you bet and get called showing queen high at a showdown, this gives you a reputation as a very loose aggressive player which i found helped me get paid of a lot more on middle pair and stuff. Sure they aren't paying extremely close attention, but when you're constantly
  8. For your opening line i'm guessing you lost this hand?:PI probably would have called the turn and river after being check raised but i don't think 3 betting the turn is a terrible move.
  9. I wish i could get QQ TT and KJ on the run!On the 2nd hand i'm calling the flop raise and folding to a turn bet because i think folding to a flop raise is weak and like Zach said, some people will out-think themselves and peg you as a maniac after one hand. Why didn't you raise on the flop on the 3rd hand? Calling is way too passive for my liking, raising is the way to go in that spot. As it happens, i bet the river because i think you've got the best hand and will get called.
  10. Is the match structure terrible or did i just catch the closing stages?I started watching the webcast about 2 an a half hours ago and all i've been watching is all-in>fold
  11. Thank you OP, your comment about raising donkbets has just improved my game ten fold.
  12. I don't entirely agree with the strategy as Smash plays it because i haven't tried it persoanly, but i do think some people are missing the point of it a bit.His strategy is based upon pushing a big edge when you have one for all your chips, i think the confines of the strategy as he plays it aren't as profitable as they could be and hence i won't be playing it anytime soon, but, i think the principal is the right one for lower limits when you will get called more often by worse hands.The important thing to take away from the strategy is not every single concrete rule that Smash plays by, but
  13. Well the most agressive player in the world would bet/raise at every avalible oppurtunity, that of course would make him a terrible poker player, but it would also make him the most aggressive on the planet.If you're talking about controlled agression, then it's a lot harder to define. You often hear that the key to playing poker is being aggressive or some other saying of the same elk, i'm assuming this level/type of aggression is what you are trying to understand?Well, you're right, it is a very situational thing, as poker is a situational game based on incomplete information. The top player
  14. DN sits out for the first few levels of some stud tournaments i think he said in his blog, but you're not as good as DN, so don't do it.
  15. It's the opposite of being passive, duh.In all seriousness, being agressive generaly means betting and raising where others would check and call.
  16. So i sit down at a table, and there's this guy that's raising almost every hand and playing very aggressive post flop aswell.I'm there for 25 minutes and this guy is completely destroyin the table, he keeps showing 8 high bluffs, yet every time people call him down he wins with middle pair or something.How do you deal with this type of player shorthanded?I tried to wait for a big hand, but the problem is he whenever i got one he seemed to put no money into the pot and i wouldn't win enough to pay for 2 rounds of blinds in which i didn't play a hand.I think i might have ended up playing too pas
  17. Are you using code tags atm?If so, do <pre> tags work on here? That's what i use for formatting stuff like that on websites
  18. I think you played it fine, i wouldn't have done anything else.Betting on the turn is good because the ace could be just as scary a card to him as it is for you, imo at these low limit games you have to keep the pressure on because a lot of the time the person you're playing against could really have any two cards, at low limits you see a lot of passive check calling with weak pocket pairs or oddball draws, like someone said you probably aren't ahead on the river but you shouldn't fold.
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