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  1. Thats retarded. Do I have to create a whole new account @ .com cause that would piss me right off.No I'm not calling you sexist, but you do seem bored.
  2. I may be an idiot, but I can't seem to find the real money tables or the real money deposit options.I emailed support but haven't heard from them, do you have any suggestions for me? Thanksby the way, i made this account for my girlfriend so I'm a dude. That should hopefully put an end to the hotness discussion.
  3. alright, thanks TIM. i used your code.my screenname is AaralynnsMom.
  4. If anybody has a code or anything that will benefit the both of us, let me know. I'm signing up in a few minutes.Let me Know, ASAP
  5. i'VE BEEN watching him since 100/200 blinds.Kids got skills.
  6. My buddy is friends with Green Plastic at U of Illinois.Says hes a cool down to earth guy. Drives around a crappy car.And yeah, everytime i watch him play he BEATS THE SHT OUT OF THAT GAME.
  7. I'll play. Is this a trip to the casino or are we going to tear up someones house and drink their booze.Custom, I'm not far from you if you need a ride homeboy.
  8. what happens to your buy in?I was in a measley 10 + 1 but still....that's 100 bucks in prize money that disappeared.I would imagine they will be refunding it, does anybody know for sure?
  9. anybody willing to transfer me 50-100 on either UB or Stars for the same on party.I'll hook you up with 10%
  10. thats cool.as far as 5/10 goes.I would call it the most profitable limit in relation to the skill set of your opponenets.Its kind of that medium where donkeys with money will sit down and force feed you their chips.
  11. plaaying out of your bankroll is fun.tim you wouldn't be willing to transfer 50-100 to me on UB for the same on Party would you?I'll transfer first.
  12. ...for anyone that will transfer me 50-100 on UB for 55-110 on Party.
  13. ...for anyone that will transfer me 50-100 on UB for 55-110 on Party.
  14. i mis read your post the first time.I still wouldn't cap it. I'd flat call on the end.
  15. I fold for lack of a read. My initial instincts woiuld tell me to push in but I'm supre-agro.This is actually a really interesting hand.
  16. Why didn't you bet the flop?...nevermind.
  17. Bears MoneyLINEWashington sucks.Bears D top 5 in the league.
  18. In most cases, I'm not 3-betting.I will call and try to improve on the turn.If a JQKA comes on the turn, regardless of whether or not I have it, I am representing it.If a blank comes off, I give up.
  19. alright pop, how do you want to do it.
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