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  1. Sweet thanks for all the ideas so far guys. I came in 13th in PokerStars Tournament #57262325, No Limit Hold'em mostly thanks to the multi-tableing idea, although I simply broke +$2.00/hr on the outside tournament table it kept me much more level headed on the tournament table. I ended up earning $12 bucks in 4 hours (counting the tourney money). Nothing to brag about but not so bad for just starting out I think. Yup, but that's what pays the bills
  2. lol; nope you've already dreamed about the chains, you've taken it already to where your going to try to beat me up even, it's distracting you on a forum and you haven't even seen it yet. Chains are your weekness you must become the Mr. T. chains, you don't bend the chains the chains bend you...
  3. 1on1 you have 69% chance to hold the better position here I'd pot it without a second thought myself. If you miss the turn your odds drop enough to consider a fold there.
  4. Which is 100% what I want, I've already caused you to deviate from strategy and we haven't even started to play.
  5. I've never had a table of all Donkey's yet. Mostly it's a mix of ABC, Donkey's, and Grinders. When faced with such tables I join the grinder's, until the Donkey's are out, I get a primo hand/flop, or I get sent to another table. Donkey's will all/in and pray flop so much if you grind your bound to catch a few, if you bluff a Donkey you become a Donkey.
  6. K, I'm a n00b at poker but since this has gone beyond poker and just into general "acting" the part I can comment with a tiny bit of experience. First don't just give up; never listen to the critics, they are all still critics for a reason, they gave up.Second try dressing the part, it really, really works, try something crazy, like MR. T chains, that's just an example but a major style change will completly change your attitude more than any looking in a mirror to practice that awsome "I'm Vin Diesel" look ever will. It looks like you are cabable of learning from a mistake which is the abso
  7. So how do you guys set priority on multitableing? I love to do the whole stats/math on my hands, plus don't you give up some bluffing knowledge by multitabling? I guess I'm just looking for pointers or a link on how the game changes with multitableing vs. single tableing. Yup I'm a poker n00b, one foot in front of the other...
  8. So what do you guys do to keep your head when you run a low stakes tourney and hit 20 minutes of junk? Then hit AKs? I jump in like a mad man and loose it all. I'm a decent player just don't know how to handle the dry spells yet. Should I put some music on? Maybe watch a movie at the same time? What works for you when it feels like your shoveling crap instead of playing cards? I mean how do you stay zoned so the Group 1's that hit after a dry spell don't make you jump off a bridge?First post w00t!
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