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  1. So you were playing way outside your limits to start with. If you were winning that much from your original $50 why are you so down on the site? I would be loving the fact I turned $50 into $2000 inside of 1000 hands. I'd be back there in a shot.Ok now the four of a kind grudge you have. You played 1000 hands. Lets say the average is 4 handed, thats being kind I imagine its nearer 6-7. Thats 4000 hands being dealt in that time. Now 10 quads in 4000 hands looks fine to me. Do you know anything about odds?
  2. So let me just get this right, you were playing 10/20 and you lost all your money in the one hand. The next thing you want to know the best place to deposit $20 in to a new site. A full BB to start a fresh, thats smart. If you lost all your bankroll in one hand you were obviously out of your depth and should of kept to the 1/2 tables. Instead of moaning about the beat maybe you should study your play, you must of made a crap preflop bet to let someone in with J-3. Even if you were slowplaying preflop you should embrace the fact people are going to call you all in with nothing more than trip J
  3. pacificpoker.com has a java version, as does pokerrooms skin hollywoodpokerMany thanks
  4. Pokerroom is fine, how else can you play at work if you have no download permissions? :wink: On a side note, do any other decent firms offer a java alternative? I get easily bored playing the same site and it's always good working off a bonus at a new place.
  5. It's easy just play $30 s'n'g's at Party. Win one a day and you're $120 in profit. Job done.
  6. I have nothing to add except, thats a great avatar you have
  7. I found a couple of good value tourneys, one excellent freeroll and some good guaranteed pools with overlays. The dilemma is should I share this info with friends or clean up on my own? By sharing the info the value diminishes and so not as much value. By not sharing, if my friends find similar games and tell me I feel slightly bad about not keeping them updated of similar events. Oh what to do........
  8. Grrrr... stop recruiting for the devil.What don't you like about RV suited?It's a Prima skin I believe and I quite like the software, I play on a different site but it's good fast software with great choice of games.
  9. What stakes s'n'g do you play? How do you find the level of play?I've played there a few years now and love the s'n'g structure. Personally I find the level of play at the $25 + $50 reasonably soft, not as easy as Party but less of a crapshoot. The cash games are quite tough at times with some very good players at the 2/4 nl games. I still make a reasonable profit on them but prefer easier pastures.
  10. Interesting idea floating around on a couple of the UK forums. Why not set up a private MTT on Stars with $500 entry. Invite 40 people with a winner takes all prize pool. The winner then has $20k to cover entry fees and expenses. Now for the interesting bit........Every person who enters is also buying a piece of the guy who's gonna play the main event. For example the winner has a 30% stake, the other guys at the final table share another 30%, between themselves, and the other 30 players out share the remaining 40% at staggering intervals depending on when you get knocked out. It means you ge
  11. It's called selective memory, get over it. I've been playing online for around 5 years and belive it's clean. Ask yourself why a company that is making millions per year with no risk would put this at risk by rigging the software. As an earlier post stated, it's usually losing players who continually whine in this manner. I'm guessing that what you are!
  12. OK apologies, I didn't mean to infer all MLS players are trash. I still believe it will be a long, long time before MLS teams can compete with teams from the top leagues of Europe. Every top player in the world aspires to play in Europe and will continue to do so. Until MLS can attract the best players and coaches, before they are coming to the end of their career, nobody outside of the U.S. will consider MLS a quality league. That's not meant to be ignorant or dumb it's what I consider to be the truth. You only have to take note of what happens to the best Brazilians and Argentinians, once th
  13. The MLS is not a quality league. It is full of has beens and never will be's. The only quality leagues are played in Europe. Italian, Spanish, English and German, in that order. The majority of players plying their trade in MLS would not get a game in any of the top flights in these countries. Every top player in the world plays in Europe and the Champions League is the best competetion in the world. Technically no player in MLS can match players such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Rooney, Shevchenko, Henry and such. It will take many, many years before MLS comes even close to European standards. In fac
  14. Not to be pedantic or anything but, I don't really count them unless you use both hole cards :-) . Nice job all the same.
  15. Jane Says - Janes AddictionThe Card Cheat - The ClashSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The SmithsThe Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle and SebastianMotorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street PreachersStreet Spirit (Fade Out) - RadioheadSympathy for the Devil - The Rolling StonesThats Entertainment - The JamWhile I wouldn't consider these sad songs per se, they are more down beat and are great tracks if you've not had a great session.
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