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  1. If you play at Fulltilt, be sure to check out our private tourney called "Cambridge". It August 25th at 5:00 PM eastern. Password is oneofclubs, enjoy!
  2. you can't lose what you don't put in the pot, but you can't win much either
  3. lol nice quote, but he was understandably angry...
  4. I also like to get in altercations at the poker table.
  5. Smiley revolution...chose your smiley and end every post with it.Rules:Must chose ONE and only one smiley.Must be followed by no more than 20 letters.No copying others. coffee O.G.
  6. quite true, either your beat with AA and have to lay it down or you get now value from it...hence why I try to take it down preflop if i can or get all in with it preflop...easiest thing to do coffee
  7. AA is ranked as the 18th best starting hand now adays
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