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  1. Also, Rose is confirmed peachymer.
  2. Agree!I mean I can plead insanity or something like that right?
  3. Don't let us down?! How are you involved in anyway and how would you be let down if he didn't take it?
  4. Yeah, can't say I disagree with Adam here, I don't understand how he's entertaining at all, just pathetic. I also wouldn't be looking to establish any sort of transfer history with him in case he scams Stars with a fraudulent deposit or something at some point (strikes me as the type). I know it's miniscule amounts of money, but still something to consider.
  5. Of course, having said this I have no problem with Ian joining!
  6. Quite often! You honestly don't see why it amuses me so why you'd be able to find it in your heart to allow a late entry?
  7. “In order to live, you must be willing to die" - Amir Vahedi
  8. That's what I'm saying, it's super lame to wait for good hands while people are flipping, just sit out.
  9. yeah this, if you don't wanna flip fine but don't nut peddle either...
  10. hey arsenic i have $1.75 I don't know what to do with, any ideas?
  11. also having a brutal time with these
  12. The HH quite clearly shows it was not double suited! Don't worry though, you still have ambiguous credentials from Rose so you probably played it fine.
  13. I, for one, would love to be hooked up with a starting hands chart. Thanks in advance bro.
  14. I've only played Berlin Wall once but I liked what I saw. Stadium is the kind of map where you either rape or get raped, but I like it quite a lot. Hate pretty much everything about Discovery, but I also loveee Kowloon.
  15. I had fun because my team just won the Super Bowl!
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