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  1. I'm also thrilled that they're going back to the 2-hour finale, makes it so much better.
  2. What an awesome episode, had a really intense feel throughout and I thought the challenges were really good. Great ending as well, I was ecstatic when I saw Zev and Justin rush past Kent and Vyxsin in that shot, as it had all the feels of the classic "making it feel somewhat close" editing before having Z&J fall short.
  3. Yeah, I loved the first Portal and Portal 2 is absolutely one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time. The co-op is fantastic as well.
  4. Wow 292 views and only 14 replies, pathetic.
  5. I was with Jeff when he finally found his calling, I'll never forget that night.
  6. Don't worry, no community really considers Mercury a member of theirs.****ing **** ******* tho
  7. Well sure, there's nothing wrong with rhyming. The rhyming scheme is extremely simplistic, though!
  8. You realize poems don't need ridiculously simple rhyming schemes where every line rhymes with the next, right? Or rhyming schemes at all for that matter. Most of the poem has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter, which is probably what he means!
  9. If the name was FTPayments, more than likely it's from a deposit you made sometime late last year when they were having issues with processors. They never charged accounts back then and have been catching up on that now, it has nothing to do with fraud. If the name on the statement was PMI, then yeah, you have issues.
  10. huaddddddddddddddddddddsjundays just wont be the same!!!
  11. I obviously don't expect people to just not mention it at all or make jokes or whatever, it just becomes a bit over-the-top and annoying after awhile!
  12. Yeah I agree with this, the thread title is silly and unnecessary. I feel like people harp on her being lesbian far too much, and there's just no need for it.Also, this is a really sick accomplishment!
  13. wug notes, might hurt me in the future if you know my railing game
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