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  1. Bleh. None of your options are very desirable. Any chance you can pick up a player? If so, try and get Sammy Morris for MIA. Ronnie Brown is out this week and I think he'd be a much better option than your current choices.
  2. haven't tried them yet. i'll d/l them tomorrow night and see what happens. i'll let ya'll know.
  3. I've been using Vista Release Candidate 1 for a while and hadn't had any issues installing any poker clients till tonight. Full Tilt (ok) Pokerstars (ok) Absolute Poker (not ok). For anyone else out there that is using Vista (or will be soon) you'll need to edit the properties of the installer. Right-click the installer, click on Properties, then go to the compatibility tab and change the compatibility to Windows XP SP2, then run the installer. After the installer finishes, go to the C:\Program Files\Absolute Poker folder and do the same on the all the .exe files in this folder.After tha
  4. Don't do it. She's married. End of story. In poker terms; this is EXTREMEMLY -EV.I had a friend in a similar situation; ending badly with the husband killing him. Husband in jail and good friend gone.
  5. Now that the Dems have the House and the Senate, their leadership will now be under the spotlight. 60% to 70% of Americans have probably never heard of Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangle, Harry Reid, etc, etc; who will hold key positions. I'm not a political expert, but I try to follow things as much as I can and some of their lines of thinking scare the hell out of me.While I agree a change was needed, the far left doesn't give me warm-fuzzies and neither does the far right. Change for the sake of change is never a good thing and this election falls into that category. I think once the majority
  6. Well, no big surprise. They only touched on the Iraq war and if the GOP can maintain its majority in Congress.
  7. Someone on RGP posted the information. For the all good it will do, I did send in an email question, but it most likely won't make it on air. Anyway, thought some people may want to tune in.-bandit
  8. Bring a coat, were entering the 2nd season of the 2 seasons we have; summer and winter.3 casinos here. Harrah's, Horseshoe, and Ameristar. Harrah's used to have a small poker room with 9 tables, but i think it shut down when Horseshoe opened. There is a poker room at WinneVegas casino in Sloan, IA and at the river boat located in Sioux City, IA. Sloan is about an 1 1/2 hours north and Sioux City is 1 3/4 hours north. The only room I've played at extensively was at Harrah's and the LHE games were very juicy. I haven't played there for a while, (bought a house, traveling w/ work) so that's
  9. Our best chance is for the Senate not to vote on this before this session of Congress ends and have the Bill die.As others have already stated, it really is not a matter of Republican/Democrat or Conservative/Liberal. Although poker has become much more socially acceptable, it still has a bad stigma outside "poker circles". I encourage everyone to write to their Senators and Representatives, but this will do little to convince them to sway their vote one way or another. The 18-25 year-old demographic traditionally has the lowest voter turnout in elections and it has been stated this is the
  10. You mention you don't see me registered for any other tournies either. Will i have this same problem tomorrow for the Weekend at Daniel's tourney?
  11. I signed up for the tourney via the web with my tournament ticket, about 1 1/2 hours before the tourney. Although my name shows in the "registered players" on the webpage for the tourney, I do not show up in the game client as being registered. Contacted support and they say there having technical problems with some players not being able to log in... although I explained several times I not have a problem logging in to the client, just that my registration doesn't appear to have made the journey from the webpage to the client, I don't think the support person understood.I understand the ti
  12. In my bar-hopping days, my friends and I would go to a 24 hour diner that served the greatest sausage biscuits and gravy for $2.50. A lot of the bar-goers would go there and basically the party would continue as most would leave the bar early and pick more booze to drink in the parking lot of the diner before going in to eat. Eventually, so many people were doing what we and others were doing, it got out of hand and the police would end up being called. It was awesome, you got a great meal that "seemed" to sober you up and watch a great show of drunks being arrested.
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