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  1. Are they face up too? :shock:
  2. Way to go Josh. You owned that whole table all day!!!
  3. http://www.geocities.com/greenage22/7StudC...nverter.hta.txt
  4. A pair of aces with a low kicker is like a chic without nipples.
  5. I disagree. I think I might buy the shirt. Think how much you could make wearing it at a B&M game. They would all peg you as a noobie and then you could clean up.
  6. Kick his ass Seabass....er...I mean Daniel.
  7. $50,000 play chips on pokerstars.net(this is not a gambling website)
  8. Please don't lie! UB is not easy to clear. I don't think it's that hard to clear at all. It may not clear the fastest but it's definitely not hard to clear. Please don't call me a liar.
  9. A2356 is abetter low than A3456
  10. Ultimate Bet's bonus is pretty easy to clear and there are no time restaints. Software is fast and reliable. Feel free to use me as a referal: PokerGriffGood Luck.
  11. ...i need a stake so that i can run it up in the wsop
  12. Nothing beats a quicky in the morning before work....are we still talking about poker?
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