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  1. anyone else think its funny he had to create an account on here just to post this stupid story. do you think someone is going to help you cheat bodog?
  2. i was playin the heads up tourny on stars and my opp. stalled on me till the blinds were really high. he just sat there and waited for his time bank to come in every time it was his turn to act. but hwen i got disconnected he went pretty quick to steal some of my blinds before i got back.
  3. its a bad beat you dont like getting your money in when your a huge favorite? i love the name WSOP2010 you are 16 arent you?
  4. cursive34

    nhl 06

    semi up to date rosters but no crosby. the game plays good though but its a little tough at first. plus it comes with NHL 94 built into it so thats awesome.
  5. in all honesty, what in the world are you doing playing poker for 36 hours on a friday and saturday? you should be at a party, getting drunk and meetin some ladies. college is a blast dont spend it locked up in a room.
  6. haha no lie did edward 40 hands tonight quite fun times.
  7. stoned.right.now.anyone else? ill play a $10 sit n go and see if i win cause i never can sober.
  8. man this place is filled with too many 16 year olds who think they are funny
  9. dont quit smokin just for poker dude. poker gets boring fast and being stoned never gets old.
  10. everything is more fun when you puff
  11. the band in your avatar is terrible
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