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  1. Full Tilt Poker Game #3237141489: FTOPS Event #6 (22618680), Table 133 - 2500/5000 Ante 600 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:46:53 ET - 2007/08/13Seat 1: BigBukkinChickn (303,790)Seat 2: I Could Gambo (135,574)Seat 3: flopnuts1 (71,176)Seat 4: grannypanties13 (360,268)Seat 5: harry189 (167,964)Seat 6: Hoss022 (53,214)Seat 7: GreatDanePoker (130,533)Seat 8: GTL (142,052)Seat 9: serefecheers (129,753)BigBukkinChickn antes 600I Could Gambo antes 600flopnuts1 antes 600grannypanties13 antes 600harry189 antes 600Hoss022 antes 600GreatDanePoker antes 600GTL antes 600serefecheers antes 600grannypanties13 posts
  2. Pre-Flop Tendency: TIGHT - The Poker-Edge software automatically color codes tight players in RED for easy identification.Player Type : Congratulations, you are a Shark (Tight-Aggressive/Aggressive). Your Tight-Aggressive PreFlop play and Aggressive PostFlop play will earn you great profits at the Poker Table. The Poker-Edge software clearly shows you the Sharks by placing an icon next to their name at the table so you can aviod confrontations.Strengths: You are selective with your starting hands, giving you an edge over looser players. It's hard to tell when you are bluffing because you are a
  3. Will you coach me how to make QJ>AA? A little more impressive video would have helped.
  4. Facing the big stack I guess all you can be afraid of is Q-J or 2-2 as he would have repopped with something such as Jacks. A flush draw is probable and I would probably push here. He might have a flush draw, and it might hit, but I think we have the best hand here.
  5. Very nice cash Obey, congrats.gametime380(america)-Your Loyal Rail
  6. Yeah, she's going to end up eating it hard with all those raises/reraises.
  7. JJ>88 to double up to over a million. 4/6gettin therrreeeee
  8. This Annette needs to go so we can retake the chat, this is rediculous.
  9. Two more till the Final Table, keep rollin Obey
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