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  1. [x] down ~$80 in CCR EV He didn't even offer! holy HU hands in a day! congrats on making 40k
  2. xposted graph from my bet w/ mikey thread - +$3500 more in bonuses/rb = first ever $20k monthweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. I'm prob done for the month (time on HEM is EST). Let me know if you want any more confirmation if you don't trust me. I also played ~1500 hands of .01/.02 during the 25 billionth hand, but I didn't include those.
  4. I made it for him. Out of the goodness of my heart (if you give me a little time) I can do an Oregon one for you if ya want.
  5. Proof or this never happened. Oh wait, that's right...
  6. I want Arizona St tonight +3.5 @ Washington for $20.Anyone want the Huskies?
  7. All I remember was that it took me forever to set up, and then it was a giant drain on my CPU's resources.So that probably doesn't help you at all, but get HEM.
  8. Brag: more $ so far this month in cash games than Jordan's fun graphBeat: >4x more handsVariance: I still get to buy more stuff.
  9. Holy Alberto, congrats NCowboy, nice car Kevin.
  10. In that case....get herpes plz.
  11. You are just afraid becuz you know that if I pull the upset in this round, I will run the table so you gotta bring out all the hateraide now.Plus I thought the opponents were supposed to be the ones talking shit between each other, not you beating up on a contender...
  12. Gave you $50 because of the superbowl:[ ] vtlax[x] LobsterTurning lemons into lemonade... another point to me. Ship!
  13. Round 2 matchup - Lobster vs. vtlaxer09And that is why I should win.
  14. I have it and love it. Took a while to get used to but I can't live without it tho.Most people either love it or hate it tho, so see if you can find someone who has it to play with it first.
  15. If airline prices get really expensive next week, this is a lock imo.
  16. I mostly post silly crap to begin with, and I don't see that changing wherever I go.
  17. Pittsburgh is a stupid place to live.Edit: in!
  18. AP/UB have a buddy list feature that you can add your 'friends' to an AIM-like program and see when they are online.
  19. Order of table selecting - 1. Check buddy list for super fish2. Look at tables starting at 5/10 and work down in stakes3. Check remainder of buddy list
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