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  1. Okay kid,Let me teach you about the oldest scam in the world.It goes something like this.................I am a good man. I am successful. I am honest and hard working, just like you. We have shared interests. I can help you make some money. All you have to do is give me some of your money. I will then take your money and make you even more.The term "con man" comes from the word confidence. Without your confidence in him, he cannot get your money.Ask yourself this question:If he is as successful as he claims, and is making as much money as he claims: Why would he waste his valuable time for a few small bucks?
    Lol first of all, if anyone is going to scam anyone in a coaching relationship like this it would be the student (who is responsible for sending their coach his share). A coach cannot log into their account and take all their money.As for the bolded, I see it as two fold: 1. coaches typically get better themselves by taking on students and learning how to coach2. (and likely more importantly) some people like Ryan are genuinely good people (and yes while there is some financial benefit to it, although less than one's standard hourly rate) who want to help others become more successful If Ryan were asking for $x upfront dollars, then your concern would be potentially valid, but as it is arranged, frankly you are being ridiculous
  2. Proper grammar noticed.He is not GIVING anything. He is CHARGING MONEY.For what?
    You are correct, Ryan is not giving anything away for free. Never does he say that. What he is offering is a standard coaching deal (and I would argue a better deal for the student than it is for Ryan) to have someone like him, who understands this game very well and is capable of articulating proper thought processes/strategy discussions/etc in a way that not everyone can do, to take a few low stakes players and work with them to become better at poker.That is fine if you are not interested in his coaching, but why do you feel the need to call something that is incredibly standard in the poker world a 'scam' unless you have a specific example to back it up?Edit: It certainly is fine to question his or anyone's poker resume (if you will) before entering into any agreement, and any potential student should do their homework on their coach just as the coach should research their student, but you are incredibly out of line here Poto.
  3. I find out that having Bob on my immediate left in the tournament causes a headache which has nothing to do with last night's beer.
    I correct this problem by sitting on his immediate left in all future sessions (we sit at the same table in a couple of future 2/5 NLHE games throughout the week).
    :ts Nice to meet you and share the awesome room in the pool house with you!
  4. Anyone know anything about using Ewallet to cashout from UltimateBet. I'm trying to set this connection up, but getting answers out of the people on "livesupport" is like pulling teeth. Basically, what's it cost to have them deposit money into your bank account. Or is it just easier to have UB send a check in the mail. Just frustrating dealing with the folks on support, because their goal is to never have you cashout, Lol.Thanks all.
    Check in the mail costs $8 and takes less than a week. eWallet will charge you much more than that (I have an eWallet account btw, so I know what I am talking about :club: ).Edit: just checked and to transfer from your ewallet account to your bank account is 10% up to $150 in fees. totally not worth it.
  5. I have watched AI for really the first time this year and the kid who looks like Freddie Prinze Jr. but has the crazy mouth of Jason Mraz (if you don't know what I am talking about you need some youtubeage for comparison) is really starting to grow on me. The punky rocker kid who everyone seems to think is the favorite (Adam I think) just doesn't do it for me.I called it when they got to the top 13 that Scott will finish 5th since he probably was only the 8th or 9th best person, but he would get enough sympathy votes to push him farther than he should have gone. I still stand by that btw

  6. 6 User(s) are reading this topic (3 Guests and 1 Anonymous Users)2 Members: whatgreatis, The LobsterLobster, where the heck have you been? Like two hours ago there were a ton of retards that had more than 200bb on the table. I was trying to find you so you could have my seat and take back my money from them.
    It appears that I need to give you my phone # to text me on such occasions... :club:
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