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  1. Hey I said I think they're favoured to goto the superbowl, I'm just feeling kinda sour cause I bet on them this week. Its kind of hard to think of them as the best when they play that bad. I forget who they lost to first but I think it was the bears? I'm just saying they should be playing better against teams like that. I'd never bet against the giants so don't think im hating on them just to piss people off =]
  2. I'd agree but they've lost twice. I still think theyre favoured to goto the superbowl but that performance yesterday was just shy of piss poor. Take away the blocked field goal, and the last second TD that was meaningless and they woulda been shut out. The offence put up nothing and it wasn't even Eli's fault. His receivers couldn't catch a cold yesterday.
  3. Not when they get dominated by the Eagles at home.
  4. loooooooooooooooooooool @ 1/2 live for a livinghahahaha even if you could multi table in real life I don't think it'd work.
  5. lol I'm just seeing this now after someone linked to the thread.You seem like the kind of person that'd call the cops on people having a party and then feel good about yourself after you did it. You're just that much of a snotty nosed prick and I hope something shitty happens to you one day. I've never actually hated someone over the internet but I seriously hate you and people like you. Who says 'vehemently' in a common discussion? What are you trying to prove? The discussion was about the play and you show up like you always do with your dickhead comments like anyone really cares what y
  6. I never said it was a good shove. How can I be right? oohh good work detective!! Too bad you left out the time, the barometric pressure in the air, and crucial forensic evidence.
  7. He's right about what I did, just his time frame isn't even close. I feel like I'm important if someone can remember a single hand I played in a $4 tournament from about a month ago.
  8. You're delusional.I haven't played on stars in 3 weeks.Edit:I think I know what you're talking about.You're comparing shoving AK in a $4.40 (3rd best hand in poker) to calling with an under pair to the board like they're similar? Wow you're really reaching out on that one.
  9. uhhh when did I open shove AK ?I never saw a hand that good.
  10. Standard. At least you dont get retards calling no matter how many overcards there are to their worthless pocket pair and have them bink sets on you.
  11. Damn Aces, sucks to see you're busto / looking for a job. I need one of those myself =[
  12. lol and the biggest real life douche in the history of internet forums decides to re-surface to run a cheap shot. Na no one loaned me money, I only had to wait about 12 hours to get money anyways.
  13. im lookin for the chatinooga choo choo
  14. I dont think its the best way to play the hand, but playing it that way has paid off for me in the past. Like I said, you're only in bad against AA or KK, but it is much more likely that someone could call lightly with an AQ or AJ. Considering the stakes i think there is a good chance of it happening and you have your opponent dominated.If you make a raise and dont flop your A or K, then you have to worry about making the other guy fold and it could just end up costing you a good chunk of your stack anyways. Thats the thing I dont like about AK and would rather guarantee myself seeing a tu
  15. Ok so tell me. If you played the hand with a conventional 2.8x the BB raise, are you ever gonna fold that flop or that turn?Forget that it was me behind the hand. I'd like to know how you avoid getting stacked with AK in the 3rd level of turbo tournament when you flop top pair (assuming u dont get it in preflop). I'm 100% serious here. Since you're so high and mighty / obviously the best poker player in the universe, shed some light so everyone can learn. And ya AK is sucha bad hand. What was I thinking?? Obviously they're gonna flop a set. God whatta donkey I am to forget that part.
  16. Ya. You definitely cant make up being in an unavoidable spot no matter how the hand was played.
  17. For tournies i'd rather get it all in pre-flop simply because I'm not comfortable with on the flop plays unless i flop a pair. I feel that if I whiff I have to c-bet, should they raise I might be pot committed given my stack. I also find that random shipping it in like that (makes me seem to be tilting ) and gets calls from weaker aces and at worst I'm in a coinflip. I'm only in bad if someone shows up with AA or KK. When you need to gain chips I think its a pretty safe play theoretically. I dunno, I just try to get it in good when I'm playing for someone else and I managed to do that s
  18. So by your logic I make a raise, potentially get 3 bet which i call or shove against anyways.If I call the 3bet or my raise gets called, I'm C-betting the flop and getting shoved on regardless.If I c-bet and they fold I had the best hand and dont get value for it. Its just an ugly hand no matter how u wanna theorize it. Definitely not played by the book but what can you do?
  19. Way to answer your own questionI shove so much because i see no value in ever folding AK in a donkament.
  20. sorry but this is standard for mePokerStars Game #22136186992: Tournament #120443479, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (25/50) - 2008/11/17 21:50:02 ETTable '120443479 99' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: Marine17 (2300 in chips) Seat 2: Ex_Matt (2210 in chips) Seat 3: dimarud (1635 in chips) Seat 4: spankz29 (4105 in chips) Seat 5: SirPsycho12 (3660 in chips) Seat 6: riskem (2600 in chips) is sitting outSeat 7: Bounty4me (3525 in chips) Seat 8: conguitomv (3155 in chips) Seat 9: Calif John86 (3810 in chips) SirPsycho12: posts small blind 25riskem: posts big blind 50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt
  21. Man **** you. You dont know what I'm capable of. If i knew what BR management was I'd be rolling in green.
  22. ship it i got in last second!!
  23. oh man.awaiting on arrival of funds, hopefully they get here in time =D
  24. oh man.Dont get me wrong, I'd love to split the salami in two, but shes worse at poker than I am when I'm drunk.(Is currently drunk)
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