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  1. I recommend getting a Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit card. You load money on and they work with Stars 100% as far as I know.
  2. Thanks potmo! Got the stake awaiting tourney ID
  3. I'm down to run for you. My most memorable skiing moment was daring my friend to jump off the ski lift. He did it and twisted his ankle. Couldn't ski or do anything for the weekend.Ex_Matt, Toronto.
  4. Nice find!!Cant believe the amount of recycled songs though.Couple things. . .Angel of Death > War Ensemble. No Ride The Lightning ?? WTFOne. . Again. . .?Ace Of spades on Guitar hero for the 3RD time. . . 4th if you count rockband 2
  5. I dunno if you're referring to my post but I didnt mean it in an offensive way to anyone who works in fast food. I worked at McDonalds for about 4 years when I was younger. I've also worked numerous warehouse jobs and trust me, theyre way more difficult than mcdonalds.
  6. I was gonna make the godliest chicken sandwich and my ****ing dog ate the chicken off the counter when I stepped out of the room for 15 secondsFML
  7. some of you people sound like stuck up assholes. I'd take any job that I can get right now. I've never needed money more than I need it right now. Saying you couldnt work 50 hours a week for 80 - 1 payouts? Jesus christ. I'm pretty sure I would do this for 10 - 1. I'd even go down to 5 - 1 if I had enough money to put up, I'd just be afraid of losing my mind if I was only getting 5 - 1. Some of you have 0 clue how easy McDonalds is and have no idea what its like dealing with the stress behind a real job or having to worry about getting canned. My brother for example, he was working 60hou
  8. I worked at McD's for 4 years on and off and only ever worked an 8 hour shift ONCE. This bet is impossible unless he is working at 2 locations.
  9. Are there any left? I'll run for uEx_Matt @ toronto
  10. Im at a final tableTourney # 1309072777/9 going inand going out in 9th.
  11. Hes getting huge pot odds to make the call?
  12. I dunno why you're giving me shit.I've cashed in 3 of 4 4.40's tonight and im currently still in one.If I was in the 4.40 challenge I seriously think i'd be amongst the top considering my track record in these.
  13. 110k and its ur worst??Man that sounds so scummy. . . .
  14. screw the hatersI cashed under poto's stake.poto ftw.
  15. I shippied u 4,39 which is more than half i think. . .either way thanks.
  16. I shippied u 4,39 which is more than half i think. . .either way thanks.
  17. so whats ur sn ??Unless u wanna stake me in a 90man 8.80 tourneynvmim 1 cent short for an 8.80 tourney
  18. Stack: largest 28910, smallest 1093, average 9000 Your current position is 13 out of 30 Time bank balance is 46 seconds For more information see Tournament Lobbynice double up super J
  19. I may suck at poker but I ****ing own 4.40's.Literally only bust to 2 outers or aces.
  20. This guy staked me twice in one night.ME of all people. I got screwed in the first tourney and I'm doing pretty well in the 2nd tourney. potoman owns.
  21. AFter the break i am Stack: largest 14755, smallest 635, average 4285 Your current position is 12 out of 63
  22. I live with my brother and his gf is filipino. . . whenever she cooks the smell makes me sick.Still in the tourney with a decent stack.
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