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  1. Wow. I've never seen one player play so bad while the other get hit with the deck at the same time. Good stuff.
  2. boston sully1: u got nuts huhboston sully1: god damn ggboston sully1 has 15 seconds left to actboston sully1 bets $934.50, and is all inZimmer4141 has 15 seconds left to actZimmer4141 calls $934.50*** SHOW DOWN ***boston sully1 shows [Tc Ks] Ace King highZimmer4141 shows [8d Ah] a pair of AcesZimmer4141 wins the pot ($2,408.50) with a pair of Acesboston sully1 is sitting outThis guy plays goooooood.
  3. Just got busted by some retard overplaying deuces and winning the race. (of course right)Thanks for the stake.
  4. finally hit a set!*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Ex_Matt [4h 4s]Pop Thizzles: folds Ex_Matt: raises 175 to 275tiger099: folds ORIGINAL73: calls 275Rocksterh8 has timed outRocksterh8: folds Rocksterh8 is sitting outovcpete: folds apex628: folds king_tanner: folds JOE.M NINER: folds *** FLOP *** [4d 8h 3s]Ex_Matt: checks ORIGINAL73: bets 500Ex_Matt: raises 500 to 1000ORIGINAL73: raises 795 to 1795 and is all-inEx_Matt: calls 486 and is all-inUncalled bet (309) returned to ORIGINAL73Rocksterh8 has returned*** TURN *** [4d 8h 3s] [7d]*** RIVER *** [4d 8h 3s 7d] [7c]Ex_Matt said, "ooooooops"*** SHOW DO
  5. I'd be boozed but im saving it for the superbowl.*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Ex_Matt [Jc Jh]Rocksterh8: folds ovcpete: raises 60 to 90king_tanner said, "we play to win the game"king_tanner said, "HELLLLOOO"apex628: calls 90king_tanner: folds JOE.M NINER: folds Pop Thizzles: folds Ex_Matt said, "thats some other donk coach"Ex_Matt: raises 1075 to 1165 and is all-intiger099: folds ORIGINAL73: folds ovcpete: calls 1075apex628: folds *** FLOP *** [Ah 4h Th]*** TURN *** [Ah 4h Th] [6c]*** RIVER *** [Ah 4h Th 6c] [As]*** SHOW DOWN ***ovcpete: shows [Kc Tc] (two pair, Aces and Tens)Ex_Matt: shows [Jc
  6. im at the worst table ever and cant even pick up Ace rag.
  7. inskies.let me win races for once in my life
  8. got it, wiating for tourney id
  9. [x] would also like a stakeEx_Matt @ toronto
  10. I know that, but I wasnt really thinking about it. But still theres the bread weight and the fat from the cheese probably makes up for it.
  11. It'd be less than 32.Gotta account for the bread weight.
  12. That makes sense I guess. The 4 way pot would make me think that there is less of a chance that my hand is good, but I definitely see the logic in the c/c eventhough I'd probably c/f personally.
  13. I'm curious about hands like this. How often do you call that river based on how the hand was played out? I dont understand checking the floop then betting the turn and calling off the river.
  14. naooo I missed out despite being covered in snow.
  15. Because buns are cheaper to make than hotdogs thus forcing people to buy more.
  16. Their logic for putting One in again was that this time it'll have the vocals/drums/bass line. I gotta admit the drums are gonna be pretty badass, but I dont think that justifies it enough. I think the only charting difference might be Fast Solo A.I really wanted 4 horseman and Jump In The Fire.
  17. I figured I could do it in 5hours too, but then I remember that your muscles are gonna get sore. So if you do 400 in the first hour, then its very unlikely you're gonna pull off 400 in the 2nd hour and so on. I can do 50 in a minute, but only once.
  18. Sry I didnt post my bust out hand. Lost a race for stacks early on then disappeared for awhile.Thanks anyway though.
  19. I was watching PAD and Durrr mentions a prop bet of 2000 pushups in 24hours. . . I'm not in the best shape but I think thats one of the easiest bets I've ever heard. Personally I'd probably take 12 hours.
  20. Been card dead. . . luckily I still have C-bettingDealt to Ex_Matt [Qc 9h]geojack4: calls 20maddoghoss: folds bsims07: calls 20CzarII: calls 20MrsMakey: folds tightwad1937: folds YOWIE IN OZ: folds Ex_Matt: raises 120 to 140renatoknifas: folds geojack4: calls 120bsims07: folds CzarII: folds *** FLOP *** [8h 3c 4h]Ex_Matt: bets 235geojack4: folds Uncalled bet (235) returned to Ex_MattEx_Matt collected 340 from pot
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